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A Boy Went Missing For 2 Years, Then Parents Look Behind The Dresser And Can’t Believe Their Eyes

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A Boy Went Missing For 2 Years, Then Parents Look Behind The Dresser And Can’t Believe Their Eyes

Just the thought of losing a child will send every parent chills down their spine. Rarely a child goes missing but when it does it’s a pure nightmare for the parents and family members. Fortunately, the cases are rare in which children have gone missing only to never be found again. When young Ricky Chekevdia went missing for two years, almost everyone raised their hands and thought about the worst possible scenario, but luckily, in a bizarre twist of fate, a dresser held the secret to the young boy’s whereabouts…

Ricky was a happy and active 4-year-old boy before he went missing. The boy’s parents were in a middle a heated custody battle when Ricky and his mother went missing without any trace. The police did not make too much of their disappearance because they thought that Ricky and Shannon had disappeared after an argument between Shannon and Ricky’s father but that soon proved that it’s not the case…

The local police turned every stone to find Ricky and Shannon, but to no avail, as if they disappeared from the face of the Earth. Ricky’s father, Michael, was suspect number one as they always suspect the ones at fault are the close family members, but Michael protested his innocence and kept on searching for his son, despite the odds being stacked against him.

The interesting fact, however, is that Shannon and Ricky disappeared right after the court gave full custody of Ricky to Michael, his father. The police soon after suspected that Shannon fled with Ricky to prevent this from happening. A warrant was issued for Shannon Wilfong’s arrest but the police were not able to find a single trace. Two years later they noticed something strange behind the dresser…

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