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Avoid Ginger If You Have Any Of These Conditions

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Avoid Ginger If You Have Any Of These Conditions

Ginger is unquestionably the most versatile of roots. It is so full of goodness that it could be considered the miracle drug in a plant version. It has gingerol and shogaols as few of its active components and these two are a storehouse of a lot of benefits.

From time immemorial, various cultures and healing practices have incorporated ginger in their preparations precisely for this reason. There is also the fact that it has very potent anti-inflammatory properties and is full of antioxidants.

All these properties are enough to get any health nut to make ginger a supplement to their every day eating habits. But don’t be hasty. Sometimes even the best of things can cause us harm. So before you commit yourself to ginger, make sure that you don’t belong to one of the following 4 groups of people:

1. People with any kind of blood disorders

One of the ways ginger is good for our health is that it boosts blood circulation in the body, thereby preventing problems such as peripheral artery disease, obesity and the likes. However, because of this property, it also becomes dangerous for people who have any issues related to blood; for instance, the disorder where blood doesn’t clot easily or hemophilia and the likes. This is because ginger interferes with the medication that these disorders require and don’t let them work effectively. Also, if your blood doesn’t clot naturally or if you have any kind of bleeding disorder, ginger increases your risk factor. If you consume ginger, your blood is being pumped more and your blood flow increases, which in the case of a bleeding might turn lethal. This stands true for you even if you don’t have any blood disorder, but are taking medications which slow down blood clotting.

2. People who have been prescribed certain medications

Ginger though not harmful in itself, can sometimes interfere with medications to cause some troubling effects. For instance, if you have been prescribed some medicines for hypertension or diabetes, it’d be better for you to consult your doctor before using ginger. The reason is simple, ginger hinders the medicines and doesn’t let then perform effectively. Beta blockers, anticoagulants and insulin are all known to lose their efficacy upon consumption of ginger. Thus it shouldn’t be taken lightly because all these drugs are involved in the treatment of some serious conditions. Additionally, ginger has also been found to be problematic while consumed along with heart medication, antacids, and antihistamines. Being aware of what all are you putting in your body is very crucial for good health.

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3. People who are battling with weight issues, especially anorexia or even if they are underweight

Ginger is a miracle plant for those who want to lose weight. It is packed with fiber, adds a spicy flavor to whatever food you add it to and boosts the production and secretion of digestive juices. It also maintains the pH level of stomach at such level which promotes weight loss. And finally, it is known to curb appetite so you don’t find yourself munchin on potato chips on the second day of your diet. However, all these properties also mean that people who are underweight should stay away from ginger for their own good. People who are battling anorexia will find that ginger will only make it more difficult for them. If you are underweight, using ginger would mean that you also risk your muscles mass being deteriorated.

4. Women who are pregnant

People might tell you that ginger is good for you because it aids digestion, but don’t let that fool you. Ginger is not advised for women who are expecting because it has been known to stimulate contractions before time and even premature labor. Consumption of ginger also interferes with the intake of fat-soluble vitamins as well as dietary iron. If all this is not enough to persuade you to give up your favorite ginger tea, know that there are even more serious consequences. If you consume ginger in copious amounts, you put yourself in the danger of menstrual bleeding or even miscarriage. Though many people find ginger great in dealing with morning sickness, doctors warn that the dangers of consuming ginger are more threatening than the relief it offers.

So if you are among any of these people, for the sake of your health, learn to avoid ginger in your diet.

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