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Apply These 5 Basic Principles To Free Yourself From Depression


Apply These 5 Basic Principles To Free Yourself From Depression

I assure you that when depression knocks on the door, it is time for a massive change in your life…

Depression is often associated with feelings of sorrow, but it is much more than ordinary sadness.

Sometimes a person is sad and it lasts shortly, but that’s not necessarily depression. There are periods in life when we are simply sad, maybe because of a loss, death of a family member, or our close friend has suffered material or emotional loss. We are compassionate “creatures”. We feel things and we can’t avoid it.

These types of emotions last for a short period of time. It is not depression. But if sadness appears for no reason, or if the sorrow does not stop and returns frequently, it can make it difficult for a person to work, socialize, and even sleep. They can no longer rejoice in life. That’s when it’s no longer “quick sadness” – it is depression.

Our personality is an entire system composed of mutually balanced and connected elements. The word ‘personality’ stems from the Latin word persona, which is referred to a theatrical mask worn by performers in order to either project different roles or disguise their identities.

In Middle Eastern philosophy they call “Kiai” – Life Energy. Similar laws that rule in space also rule in our own selves. And the balance is inevitable.

Life Energy – It includes the failure, willingness, determination and perseverance, the power to carry the world in front of us. Each of these elements is built gradually and a little by little in all fields.

The foundation for anything good in your life and the advancement of every kind, if you want to achieve happiness and pleasure, is the balance between physical, psychological, spiritual and energetic. This will create a fertile ground for all that you want to achieve. For whatever you have in your life, without a healthy body, you can not accomplish complete happiness.

Here I will talk about the 4 basic conditions or prerequisites for building a life-long will. You cannot have both life’s will and depression at the same time.

If you are depressed, you do not have the will. If you have the will, it means you are not depressed. There are long and short term depressions, but these four things can relieve depression in a very fast and effective way and bring you back to the right path.

These 4 things will bring you back the ground under your feet; a few moments of permanent improvement in just a few days. Carry these things with you everywhere.

1. Physical Activity. Today!

Know that it is impossible to be depressed and at the same time to be physically active. Numerous scientific studies have confirmed this. And we will prove this once more.

So, stand up, straighten up your hands up to the ceiling and look up. Take your fingers lightly 20 times. This exercise will instantly give you positive energy, restore confidence and raise the level of good mood. With this exercise you can start your day, morning, or any time you need a good mood. All you need to do is get up and do the same thing. You will see yourself change immediately.

Let your physical activity become a daily part of your lifestyle. It is a healthy body in a healthy body. It gives you confidence, good health, reduces stress levels and detoxifies the body and affects what is called Self Image.

Self Image is an image of itself. From the image that we have about ourselves depends on how our life will look, whether colleagues will appreciate us, will we be attractive to the opposite sex, and even whether the children will respect us…

From the point of view of science, happiness and pleasure is easy to achieve because it is about physics and chemistry. The strength of this claim is found in the fact that when you are physically active, a hormone of happiness is created in you, which is called serotonin. Exercise increases the better quality of sleep (which protects the brain and increases energy). It has been proven that strength training reduces tension in the body and mind:

1. Research proves that exercise reduces, and can also prevent, anxiety and panic attacks.

2. Exercise increases mental clarity and efficiency.

3. It improves cognitive functioning in middle and elderly age.

4. Exercise influences better reasoning, thinking, learning, creativity; Exercise greatly increases self-esteem and enthusiasm for life.

5. Exercise enhances social activity and reduces the sense of loneliness and isolation.

All in all, exercise is one of the best and the healthiest ways to improve happiness and satisfaction!

Your self-confidence automatically goes to a higher level. Greater confidence builds better decisions and smarter choices. Good choices lead to the best rewards. And all this makes a good time and when you look back, you can always see progress.

It’s not possible to feel good and to see the world as negative, just as you cannot feel bad and see the world as a good place to live in and your place in it. So the first requirement for the power of life is a strong body.

This applies to everything, regardless of our natural physical predispositions, and I will give you an example. Always remember Nik Vujičić, who, without arms and a foot, surfed, was swimming, wrote books, read and answered thousands of mails in one day, with one foot and two toes. So there are no excuses!

We do best with what we have and what we have been given. No alternative. Keep in mind that science, physics, chemistry, psychology, religion share the same view that everything is on the body, around the body and in the body. The body is our instrument and the best place to start from. So start from your body!

2. Connect yourself with nature.

By returning to nature, you return to yourself. Look for a natural environment, park with lots of trees, greenery, water, blue sky, especially after the rain early in the morning or in the evening evening, because that’s when the concentration of negative ions in the air is greatest. The electromagnetic field of nature will literally “extract” from you everything negative and bad if you spend at least 30 minutes there.

Set yourself so that your activities act constructively on your life energy. If you go to nature before bedtime, it will provide you with a calm and high-quality sleep that affects your hormones of happiness and satisfaction. In this way, you change yourself psychologically, physically, energetically and chemically. If you do this in the morning, it will provide you with a fresh, productive day. Seven such days will provide you with a Sunday of happiness, satisfaction and progress. A whole month of the day with this kind of rhythm and habits will transform you into a happy person. And people around you will definitely notice that.

The sun, clean air, contact with nature, earth and water, barefoot walking will give you strength and will. This way, you return to yourself and your source. Permanent improvement comes when these things become a habit. At least three times a week. Add the time in nature to your list of priorities and you will see changes in all fields. Add yourself to the list of priorities!

3. Organize!

Start where you are right now. Today. Order is the first law of the sky. Start cleaning your work and living space. This is because we influence the environment and the environment affects us.

By physically arranging the things around you, at a subconscious level, you will clear up the ones inside you. In this way, by physically taking control of your environment, you take control of your life.

Wondering where to start? Your apartment, your room, your work desk, your bedroom, your wallet, your closet, your book shelf, your bathroom.

Make order by raising your standard and you will not go beneath it. Set yourself the standard with which type of people you want to socialize. What kind of people do you want to belong to? What kind of life do you want to live with?

Make order, but start with small things.

4. Change the focus.

The point with this, and every other powerful fact, is that it is simple. Everything that you focus on in your life will be more and more. Another universal law.

Let’s just prove it immediately. What are you focusing on? Look around and find out how much brown color there is.

OK. Now, look for the color blue around you.

Did you see the color brown when you were looking for the blue?

Everything that you focus, there will always be more of it. So focus on what you want and what you like.

Focus on what you can. On what you have. On what you know. On what you love. On what you could.

Just change the focus.

The focus change is something you always have at hand, wherever you are. You can always ask yourself two questions: Whether I am part of the problem or part of the solution? Is my focus leading to my goal and results?

Keep in mind that you are the person who controls the focus. At the same time, keep in mind that reality does not exist without the observer. All that you observe increases and persists.

Accept and apply these 4 things; these four simple, old and universal tools to rebuild yourself. If all of this becomes a part of your habits and personalities, you will become a person ready for new victories, for growth, for learning, for happiness, in both big and small things.

Try this in the first week, and the results will not be missed. This will build you strong foundations on which you can build whatever you want.

Our life is the sum of our thoughts, our actions, our decisions, our beliefs. Our life will always be what we make from it.

Believe me, these four prerequisites for a strong personality and a departure from depression at first glance sound very simple. And if you add this daily practice, this will make the difference between strength and weakness, happiness and sorrow, depression and life.

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