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After This Picture ‘Facebook’ Is Convinced That Time Travel Is Real

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After This Picture ‘Facebook’ Is Convinced That Time Travel Is Real

During World War II in 1943, US forces in Reykjavik, Iceland, saw a strange figure.

His hand was close to his ear, like he was on a cell phone, which didn’t exist at the time, but he wasn’t wearing a military outfit. He was wearing a light-colored trench coat.

Many people on social media came up with theories about what the man could have been from the strange sighting.

Some thought he might be from the future and was stuck in an unknown time period.

As part of this interesting study into this unknown person from the past, new, detailed photos have been put online.

Even though a lot of experts have looked over the information, there is still no clear answer.

Some people say it’s very unlikely that anyone from our time could have gone back in time, while others come up with crazy ideas like aliens visiting Earth or other kinds of advanced technology that would go against all known laws of physics.

After This Picture 'Facebook' Is Convinced That Time Travel Is Real

No matter what the truth is, this strange man will continue to fascinate people all over the world who think it’s possible to move through time.

We might never know the truth about him, but that doesn’t stop us from making up stories about him!

This amazing picture shows a man leaning on the corner of a window, looking off into the distance while talking on his cell phone.

It was first posted to the Icelandic Facebook group Gamlar ljósmyndir in 2016 by a member named Kristjan Hoffmann.

From the way he looks and acts, it looks like he stepped out of time and into the present.

This is why Hoffmann said he was “at a loss for words” because what was happening seemed too unbelievable to believe. Karolina Petursdottir added her voice and said that the situation was like something from Doctor Who.

Since then, this picture has become more than just an oddity from an old photo club.

It has been used in time travel ideas and in videos like “10 REAL Cases of Time Travel That Cannot Be Explained.”

The man in the picture looks like he’s from a different time or reality.

He looks like he’s stuck between two different worlds.

There is no denying how strange this picture is; it stands out from all other historical photos with a flaw that we can’t seem to explain, leaving us to wonder what could have caused such a strange event.

Was that really going back in time? Or could it be something else?

Most people who talked about the picture on Facebook didn’t think the man was a secret spy working for the Axis powers, but some of them came up with more plausible ideas.

Some ideas say he was checking to see if his watch was working right, while others say he was smoking a pipe and scratching his ear when the picture was taken.

Other users also thought that he might not have meant to act this way at all, but rather that it was an automatic response to something like an itch or tickle that he and the people around him did not notice at the time of the picture.

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Despite this, none of these ideas led to strong proof of what he was doing when the shot was taken.

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