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According to Psychologists People With These 9 Signs Are Mentally And Emotionally Unstable

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According to Psychologists People With These 9 Signs Are Mentally And Emotionally Unstable

First up: this probably isn’t news to you. What is news is that you definitely are not alone, nor are you inadequate. You need help, and there is no shame in seeking it.

Mental health is in a tricky spot when it comes to the context it exists in in society. There is a huge amount of stigma concerning it, but at the same time, there has never been so much awareness about it.

Quite the world we live in!

Due to the stigma, it must be said that many young people fail to recognize what appears to be the very obvious signs of mental health deterioration. This makes the symptoms aggravated, leading to semi-functional lives. What needs to be done is that the stigma has to be removed. Lives will be saved and the world will indeed be a better place, believe us!

So, how do we recognize the symptoms of mental instability? Well, first of all, we would need to know what those signs are first.

Here are 9 such signs that say you probably should seek the help you deserve so badly.

1. The need for social media validation

Social media has been a boon and bane. It has connected people and has been especially beneficial to small-scale businesses, but at the same time, it has given mentally unstable, emotional people another excuse to hate themselves.

The desire to be well-liked and popular is a thing among the mentally needing, because self-love is lacking in them more than usual.

2. Cold feet coming from the way they look

Every time you get ready to go out of the house, you spend hours in front of the mirror, trying to find every small flaw you can find. And then, when you do manage to go out and about, you find people and keep wondering how they have their faces and lives in order and you don’t.

It is your own self-hatred, nothing else.

3. Putting up a socially approved facade

We all wear masks, becoming people that we think are more loved and sought after by others. But, for people who are suffering from mental breakdowns, things are far, far more awful. They always have this voice inside their head telling them to change whatever they are doing, because their peers would not like it.

Or worse, they will feel uncomfortable from the stares of strangers. It is like sharing a body with an enemy.

4. Reaction to the word ‘no’

Mental instability manifests itself particularly painfully when it comes to refusal and the ways people deal with it. In short, they don’t take it kindly. They often lash out, withdraw, or, in worst cases, pass out from the overwhelming blows of their own minds.

It is not exactly an exercise in futility when it comes to trying harder. But hey, it is not your fault. Take it one step at a time.

5. Higher-than-usual expectations

A person setting goals for themselves is one thing, but using impractical expectations to judge yourself and hate yourself more is not a thing. At least, it should not be.

This is one of those so-called gateway signs for mental instability. Victims, patients, whatever you call them, they find newer and innovative ways to hate themselves.

6. Envy

Even though it doesn’t manifest as badly, jealousy is the defining feature of these people. They do not take kindly to other’s successes, no matter how small those successes are.

They think it is a statement on their failure, when it really isn’t. Like I said, it is very much like living with your nemesis under your own skin; not a great place to be in.

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7. Devaluation of others going through the same thing as you

This is one of the many manifesting trends of mental illness. People have this feeling of achievement when they are in pain. To have someone else “claim” that same position is seen as a threat and is vehemently dismissed, often at the cost of relationships and friendships.

8. Indecisiveness

This is because they think that all the decisions they take are unhealthy and bad. Deep down inside, there is a need for validation going on here as well.

9. Being mean to someone younger or inferior

This is just because they really don’t like themselves and have very little to no control over their own lives. By being mean to others who won’t talk back at them, it gives them some semblance of control and power.

If you see these signs in you, please, please seek help.

Featured Image Source: Galyna Tymonko ©

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