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5 things you don’t know you are doing because you’re an average person

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5 things you don’t know you are doing because you’re an average person

There is no one in the world who does not want to be good at a particular thing and be recognized for it. However, not everyone has the talent or the right attitude to achieve great things in life;therefore, we don’t see many people like that around as much as they should be.

Come to think of it, if everyone we met was doing what they love and being the best version of themselves, would the world be this dull? It would be brimming with life and energy!

However, our reality is far from it. For most people these days, it is enough to be “normal”. We always get the feeling that, no matter how many of our needs get fulfilled, something is lacking. Yet, we tend to be grateful for the current opportunities and try to hush that feeling away. You tend to be okay with the fact that you are an average person. But the point here is that everyone’s definition of a normal individual is different but yet it is hard to come up with a universally acknowledge form to recognize a normal human.

What also makes it difficult is the role of social media in it and how everything is made more and more colorful, as peoples realities get duller in the process of achieving the impossible.

We have compiled for you some signs by which you can tell if you are just an average person. If you recognize them in your behavior, the next thing you can do is try to pull apart from them in order to set yourself apart.

1.You will notice that you don’t exercise as you should. This is a major concern in the health and nutrition aspect and even in countries like U.S., Majority of the people doesn’t exercise and that does not mean that it is okay.

Currently, only a third of the population is doing the recommended amount of physical activity that is required of them everyday, according to the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS). Most people gave issues adhering to the recommended nutritional amount, which is why the majority utilizes more than the recommended amount of sodium.

2. Another sign might be of you dealing with impostor syndrome at work. This is a common thing. This is commonly felt by the majority of employed individuals. They feel that they do not get what they deserve in the form of salary raise or promotion. It is a fact given out through a research by the International Journal of Behavioral Science who found out that about 70% individuals go through this and it has an extremely negative impact on their productivity.

But being afraid of underachievement is a good thing because it keeps you motivated to constantly do better. It may end up making you a much more efficient person than the looked-upon individual in your office.

3. This will not sound good but, if your net worth is less than six figures, you are utterly average. According to the Federal Reserve research in the year of 2016, the average net worth for families below the age of 35 was about $76,000. On top of that, if you owe thousands in debt, you have a little chance of standing out.

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This is common in people as they require extra cash at some point in their live, if they are starting a family or studying abroad. The funny part is that people think they will be able to pay it off by a certain date but it is almost impossible.

4. Another sign of you being average is if your IQ is 100. Most people score from 85 to 115. But you can increase it overtime – you are not bound by the same score forever.

5. Another sign is that you have just about six people you feel you are close to. This is very common. But people who stand out have a bigger circle of friends. Nothing works without sources in this world, no matter if they accomplish bigger and better.

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