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A Woman With Piercing And Face Tattoos Got Turned Down For A Job At TJ Maxx

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A Woman With Piercing And Face Tattoos Got Turned Down For A Job At TJ Maxx

Anyone who has ever been turned down for a job has undoubtedly wondered what made them unfit for the role. Was it anything else, your presentation, or a lack of skills?

After being turned down for a job at TJ Maxx, 23-year-old Ash Putnam took her emotions to TikTok, where her video quickly gained popularity.

Since then, her video has received tens of thousands of comments in addition to over seven million views. As the heavily tattooed 20-something asked how young people might land an entry-level job, one thing appeared to be universally agreed upon in the comments section.

Putnam detailed on her widely shared TikTok how she applied for a job at TJ Maxx and then, “a few weeks” later, received an automated email rejecting her application.

“They couldn’t even call me, they just sent me some automated email.”

Putnam went back the business where she applied and challenged staff members after being dissatisfied with their response.

“I went in today and was like, ‘So what was the reason why I didn’t get hired?’ She was like, ‘Oh you just don’t have enough experience there was candidates that had more experience than you’.”

“I asked her if it was about my tattoos obviously because I know a lot of places don’t like tattoos. She said that wasn’t the reason, I don’t feel like that’s true but whatever I will leave it at that.”

“Just because I have tattoos does not mean I am not going to be a good worker. I do not understand that at all.” she went on, “Quite literally some of the most smart intelligent people I have ever met are people with tattoos and piercings.”

The Californian, who works for Uber Eats, never received a clear response from TJ Maxx, but TikTok users appeared to concur on the reason for her rejection.

“Tattooer here, it’s probably the tattoos”

“HR supervisor here. There is no way any company would put you in front of customers like TJ maxx.”

“I worked at TJ Maxx and they will hire just about anyone that comes off the street it’s definitely the tattoos and piercings”

“I don’t think it’s because you have tattoos…I think it’s WHERE you have tattoos 🤷🏾‍♂️”

@ashxobrien I want to know who is also having a hard time finding a job right now! #jobs #jobmarket ♬ original sound – Ash🖤

Putnam also appears to believe that her tattoos are the cause.

She told the Daily Star, “I absolutely do think it’s about my tattoos because apparently my tattoos are demonic and scary to a lot of people.”

“TJ Maxx did not say this to me – that’s just a lot of the comments I’ve gotten on my video. People are being extremely hateful on my TikTok saying I should work at a circus or Halloween stores.”

She feels businesses should reconsider their hiring practices, even if the retailer rejected her because of her body art.

“If they think tattoos determine job skill and qualifications they really need to rethink. Tattoos, piercings and colored hair are not unprofessional. It shows creativity and uniqueness. It’s 2024, people need to get over not liking tattoos.”

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