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Dad Fully Covered In Tattoos Was Called A ‘Demon Dad,’ But Wait Till You See Him Before The Ink

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Dad Fully Covered In Tattoos Was Called A ‘Demon Dad,’ But Wait Till You See Him Before The Ink

He is a “demon” to the outside world, but he is just “daddy” at home.

When Raiden Kraneo Dos Caras was first pricked by an ink needle, he was twelve years old.

With an estimated 86% of his body covered in tattoos, the 25-year-old tattoo artist is completely covered now.

His physique features a reconstructed nose, horn implants on his forehead, and a visage resembling a skull.

“People say I’m a demon,” Caras remarked. “But I consider myself a human being like any other.”

The single father from Colombia was captivated to artists who used skin as their medium from an early age. By the age of 17, he had expanded his artistic expression to include physical changes.

That’s when Caras, whose wife Angie Katherine, 25, and daughter Alice, age three, finally found their groove, he told South West News Service.

The tattoo artist claims that he frequently gets comments from people who “release poison from behind a screen” and criticise his appearance. He did observe, though, that nobody is brave enough to tell him to his face just yet.

“Sometimes people get scared of me. Some people are filled with curiosity, but nobody has ever disrespected me in person,” Caras said.

“I feel normal like anyone else despite being reminded by people that I look different,” he continued, adding, “Sometimes people who look normal are the worst beings possible.”

Caras wants people to understand that he’s not just a face covered in tattoos. In addition to working, spending time with family, and walking his dog, Thanos, he also gives of his time to others. “I rescue animals whenever I can,” he said.

Caras remarked that despite having tattoos, his life is exactly the same as that of everybody else, characterising it as “very calm and happy.”

He declared, “I love motorcycles and extreme sports, music, reading and going to the park.” He also mentioned how much he enjoyed grilling out as a family with his mother, siblings, and nieces.

The nonconformist has survived being shunned by many thanks to the love and support of his family. “My mother says that whatever I do, I will always have the face of an angel.”

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