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A Teenager Illegally Climbs The Great Pyramid Of Giza And Films It

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A Teenager Illegally Climbs The Great Pyramid Of Giza And Films It

Andrej Ciesielski is a teenager who has aroused the internet with his unusual and illegal stunt.

Andrej, an 18-year-old male from Germany, went to Cairo, Egypt with one clear goal: to climb the Great Pyramid of Giza.

He knew it was risky and demeaning adventure, involving a risk to end up in jail for 3 years. Yet, he decided to go for it anyway.

Once he was in Cairo, Ciesielski decided to climb to the top of the Great Pyramid of Giza.

The pictures and videos Ciesielski captured were described as amazing and stunning by many of his viewers, including him.

Andrej carried nothing with him when he was preparing to go for this stunt, except a GoPro camera and pretended to be a tourist while walking the pyramid complex.

Ciesielski waited for the perfect moment to sneak past the authorities. Once he caught the right moment, Ciesielski began his climb up the Great Pyramid of Giza.

He wasn’t noticed for some time by the officials, because who would’ve thought that someone might be crazy enough to climb the Great Pyramid? But after a while the Egyptian police spotted him roughly halfway through his climb.

Despite being noticed, Ciesielski kept on climbing all the way to the top.

After being noticed, he was risking his freedom because the penalty for such feast can be up to three years behind bars.

After capturing some spectacular pictures, Ciesielski went down the pyramid and was immediately arrested and taken into police custody.

Ciesielski says that the footage and picture he took on his camera was worth the climb. Ciesielski published the photos on Instagram.

The images have been viewed by many users, and many likes and comments about the high quality of the photos have been posted.

Luckily, Andrej avoided the prison sentence, but Egypt’s Ministry of State for Antiquities confirmed that the teenager has been banned from re-entering the country, reported Egyptian Streets, a news website.

Watch the video bellow by Andrej Ciesielski:

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