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Man Builds An AquaDam Around His House And Everyone Calls Him Crazy

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Man Builds An AquaDam Around His House And Everyone Calls Him Crazy

When a small community in Texas, Rosharon, was threatened by severe rainfall and flooding, a man has made a decision to take extreme measures to protect his house and family from the trouble.

The severe weather made a mess in Rosharon, as well as other towns located in Brazoria County. They were evacuating local citizens in the area and relocating them to an emergency shelter after the incoming weather threatened to swipe the entire area.

Man saves his house from flooding with an AquaDam

Brazos River is usually stable, but it had begun to overflow and threaten to rise to levels which have not been seen in decades after a heavy rain hit the Brazoria County.

The local authorities evacuated thousands of people which homes were damaged by the flood. Even military vehicles and airboats were enlisted to help with the job!

The local people and families knew that their homes were going to be severely damaged by the flood, but they had to protect themselves.

But one guy, Randy Wagner, wanted to avoid the evacuation and protect his home and family from the flood in a bit unusual way.

He saw a product online called AquaDam, and he traveled to Louisiana to pick up the product where he was taught how to install it around his house.

He returned home to Texas where he put the AquaDam around his house which is comprised of 400 feet of 30 inch high tubes of plastic, fabric and water.

His neighbors thought that he was going crazy when they saw that he was building this gigantic Dam around his house. They were all laughing, but it looks like he was the one who laughed last.

Mr. Wagner and his family avoided the mandatory evacuation and stayed in their home during the flood. They were spectating as the flood water outside rose to 27 inches. But despite the severe flooding, the water could not surpass the AquaDam’s barriers.

Wagner said to reporters: “$8,300 is to me a small investment on a house that could have two feet of water in it and cost me $150,000 in repairs.”

Watch the entire video bellow:

The AquaDam demonstration was taken by Greg Shakeshaft

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