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They Strapped Camera On An Eagle And Captured This Amazing Aerial Footage

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They Strapped Camera On An Eagle And Captured This Amazing Aerial Footage

The video caption says:

“Marra, our White Tailed Eagle has captured some outstanding footage on her backpack camera whilst on her travels. This is one of the best as she soars high over Loch Rannoch for our experience day guests. Highlights of the clip include a close shave from a friendly Buzzard and stunning views of Schiehallion in the distance.”

Elite Falconry is a company that provides falconry experiences to members of the public and a full range of falconry related services across Scotland and the wider UK and Europe.

Their demonstration team is trained to work happily in a variety of location types. Perfectly at home in stately gardens or highland shows, working as part of a wedding celebration or public function, you can be sure the bird team they bring along will be the best suited for your event!

To show their service, these guys usually strap camera on an eagle and capture these breathtaking footage’s.

If you have the same question as me: was this a GoPro camera? The answer is no.

“The camera and rig we use is pretty small, and weighs less than the amount by which her weight varies in a day. She really doesn’t even acknowledge it. People assume it is a GoPro. It is NOT! It is smaller, lighter, and films in greater quality.” says the team member of Elite Falconry.

I don’t know about you guys, but I think what they do is pretty cool and amazing!

Make sure to visit Elite Falconry on they Website and Facebook Page.

Watch this amazing aerial footage bellow:

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