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A Research Done By Psychologist Reveals: Here’s What Your Color Of Clothes Says About You

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A Research Done By Psychologist Reveals: Here’s What Your Color Of Clothes Says About You

Open your wardrobe and notice which color appears more frequently. Recall that one call you always prefer when you go clothes-shopping. Of course, your liking might change depending on fashion trends, weather, mood and health but this one call you always come back to is reflective of your innermost thoughts and personality.

So, following the research done by the psychologist Max Lyusher, here’s what your choice of color says about your personality.

1. Red

It is a very provoking color which has arousing physical effects such as rising blood pressure, quicker pulsation and breathing. If you are someone who loves red, you are likely to be a determined, aggressive and resilient person who tries even the strangest things enthusiastically. You’re a strong-willed dreamer who is passionate and quick-tempered. In case red disturbs you, you might be loyal and well-rounded but you struggle with your own feelings of inferiority.

2. Dark Blue

Even though you are someone who rarely smiles, you are a harmonious and a well-rounded person. People might find it hard to trust you but they naturally begin trusting you since seeing the color reduces blood pressure, calms the heart rate and breathing. You area calm, self-confident person who gets along well with others. Stress doesn’t really bother you.

3. White

Recall how a dove is a symbol of freedom and the dove is white. That’s exactly how your personality is if you prefer white: a profoundly optimistic person who has a keen sense of freedom, genuinely believing that this world is full of endless possibilities. Even though it doesn’t upset anyone, it is less revealing.

4. Violet

Since it’s a mixture of red and blue, your fondness for the color means your personality is a combination of passion and calm reasoning, emotion and moderation. You have an unpredictable personality and you look forward to having interesting and complex interactions with others. You are attracted to people who enchant you just as you are enchanting.

5. Pink

Soft, tender color symbolizing kindness, homeliness and sentimentality in the one who prefers it. Owing to its combination of red and white, the one who loves pink tends to have feelings of freedom and calm which overpower the strength of their passions. They are so kind, they can’t tolerate violence in any form. You constantly seek calmness.

6. Green

If you gravitate towards green, you are a mysterious and enigmatic person. Also, you have a sense of superiority, authority and strength. You seek self-affirmation and adoration and recognition by others. Your love for green might indicate your fear of being under someone else’s influence.

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7. Yellow

Yellow is the color of happiness and relaxation. You are a calm, welcoming person who has a zeal for life, who seeks freedom and uninhibited happiness and relationships which foster these feelings. They believe it is the only way to achieve what they truly want in life. If someone dislikes yellow, it might mean they are empty inside and feel irritated.

8. Light Blue

The light blue color is the embodiment of cheerfulness and carefreeness. It’s why a person gravitating towards this color will possess these qualities. This someone wouldn’t be too demanding and would expect likewise from others. They are the kind of people who do not like squeezing themselves in virtually any group of friends.

9. Brown

Preference for this color would mean that you are someone who likes doing things their way, the way which seems most sensible to you. You have a thing for physical exercise, peace and quiet. It isn’t your style to rush into things. People who seek a sense of tradition and stability in others will have a liking for you. As for those who do not like the color, they are probably someone lacking a sense of true individuality.

10. Grey

Since grey is a very neutral color, people who prefer it are likely fearful of standing out. They are inclined towards being inconspicuous while they work towards achieving a goal. Grey can serve as the background for other colors and for different kinds of psychological manipulation.

11. Black

When you mix all the colors, you get black. Thus, it is the color of total completion, finality and maturity. It represents the idea of “nothingness.” Black also signifies luxury and elegance – recall how most elite class wear a black suit or a black dress. However, gravitation towards black might mean you have a lot of secrets and secrets you aren’t willing to share with even your closest people. You might be a rebellious one if you like black, rebelling against your own attitude and faith.

Image source: Phrood/Wikimedia

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