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9-Year-Old Brave And Fearless Boy Received The First Double Hand Transplant


9-Year-Old Brave And Fearless Boy Received The First Double Hand Transplant

It is no uncommon to witness people with disabilities give up on life.

Then again, there is this lot amongst those handicapped who have found a whole new zeal to life, conquering all the happiness in the face of hardships.

The nine-years-old Zion in this video is the face of such brave and fearless souls, who put their minds to disarm their incapability instead of letting it get the hold of their life.

Zion suffered a life-threatening infection at the age of two and lost his hand and feet to it. Even as a toddler, it is quite a challenge to function regularly with your hands and feet missing. It is likewise troublesome for parents to take care of such children.

However, for Zion and his parents, their life changed for good when Zion received the first paediatric bilateral hand transplant in the world…. Sounds very experimental? Well, against all odds and expectations, the 10-hours surgery was successful! Three surgical teams put their expertise to test at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. They enabled the child to throw a ball again, put up a zipper and feed himself on his own.

Throughout the entire video, if there is anything which truly inspires is the fact that a child as young as Zion did not put up any resistance and was durable throughout the time he was rehabilitating. Even the coordinators of the program were surprised to see his progression. Zion’s remark about the cooperation of the hospital and his gratefulness towards the parents of the donor further highlights just how motivated and inspiring one can be.

The approach Zion has used to catch up with the lost time and make best use of his new hands is what we all need to learn.

Even though a child, his struggles over the years have a whole lot to teach us, impatient and demotivated beings!

Thanks to Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia for this amazing video! Make sure to like them for more!

This Is Zion: One Year Later

Today, nine-year-old Zion Harvey can throw a baseball over home plate. He can write in his journal, prepare himself lunch and manage zippers on his clothes. However, for most of his life, these and many other ordinary actions were impossible for this little boy. Watch and share our inspiring one-year update on Zion, the recipient of the first bilateral hand transplant in a child:

Posted by Children's Hospital of Philadelphia on Tuesday, 23 August 2016

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