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This Violinist Playing With Her Prosthetic Arm Will Make Your Day


This Violinist Playing With Her Prosthetic Arm Will Make Your Day

Lacking motivation to pursue your dreams? This violinist playing is all you need to take your inspiration from!

This world does not lack diversity. Some of us are more privileged than others while some struggle to make the ends meet.

There are a few of us who are deprived of their limbs while others make use of their full potentialities. Then, there are some who have a zeal for life and others, who have no motivation to live another day.

Amongst all of us live those selfless and inspired beings, who despite their shortcomings, make the best of what is provided to them. One such soul is the Paralympian swimmer and an awe-inspiring violinist, Manami Ito!

If you think you can do nothing anymore or feel helpless, it is about time you witness this one-armed nurse put on a show for her admirers. Those with all four functioning limbs are at times short of persuasion. That is when these resilient beings start becoming the beacon of motivation for uninteresting souls.

Can’t swim with one arm? Can’t play the violin with one hand? Says who! Manami has shut door in the faces of everyone who has put her down. She has proven the people wrong and attracted massive appreciation for the courageous, bold and indomitable lady that she is. She is the kind of influence we need in our lives.

While you watch the video, notice how peaceful she feels doing what she loves. Notice how lost she gets when she engages herself in her passion – it is the kind of persuasion we all aim for but only a bunch of us are able to master it.

Yes, it takes a great deal of bravery, determination and endurance to be able to stand up against the haters but she did it anyways. It can be soul-drenching to witness people put you down every time you wish to make something of yourself, but she did it. If she didn’t use her disability as an excuse, we have none either!

Thanks to Academic Tribune for this amazing video! Make sure to follow them for more!

Violinist Manami Ito

The future is now. | Academic TribuneAttraction of Manami Ito As a one-armed nurse As a paralympian swimmer, her indomitable spirit captures many audiences.A lecture and a duet like a violin is a brilliant woman acknowledged by everyone.

Posted by Academic Tribune on Friday, 7 September 2018

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