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“Be A Good Fart Machine Today, Dad” – This Viral Video Of Cute Toddler Will Make Your Day


“Be A Good Fart Machine Today, Dad” – This Viral Video Of Cute Toddler Will Make Your Day

Separation anxiety is intense in kids and toddlers.

I remember years back when my niece was crying like crazy for the nanny, and this happened every time she was about to leave. Every day.

In the beginning, the nanny prolonged the process for a couple of hours and stayed extra time for her, but it was enough, and we all had to face the fact that she has to get over it.

She went past that, and now it’s happening with my nephew. The same procedure, but this time is about my grandmother. As soon as he leaves my grandmothers apartment, he cries immediately. We know that we have to get over that again and again….

Seeing this viral video of little Declan Greenman reminded me so much of what my niece and nephew were doing. Little cute boy is having a heartwarming and emotional farewell with his dad before work only to realize that he’d actually have to leave him for a few hours. This will have you laughing and welling at the same time.

“Be a good fart machine today!” The son told his dad, Jeff, as the mother, Heather, recorded this touching moment.

Declan he was genuinely trying to share his lovely moment and spread the love, wanting his hero to have the best day at work “being a fart machine.” But as soon as he realized that his dad left and he forgot to tell him the most important thing “I love you daddy!”, he rushed to the front door crying.

After all, being loved is greater than being a fart machine!

Thanks to Greenman Family for this heartwarming and touching video!

Watch this amazing video bellow:

Thanks to Marcus Stanley for the video heading!

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