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9 Psychological Problems In Adults Caused By Bad Parenting

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9 Psychological Problems In Adults Caused By Bad Parenting

We all love our parents. It doesn’t mean that we are blind to their shortcomings. We all know someone’s parents who have weird parenting techniques which have resulted in psychological problems when the child grows up.

While we may consider them to be God’s grace on us, it is also true that they are human and prone to making mistakes. Also, while it is tough to talk about such sensitive things with them, you have to. It is for the benefit of every single person involved in this relationship.

1. “Big Brother is Watching You”

While Orwell might not have been actually talking about this, the facticity of the statement cannot be denied. If your parent looks after you 24/7, it is bound to make you mollycoddled and unable to face the world on your terms. You would forever be a weakling, running to your mother’s lap every time you are faced with something slightly troubling. Classic definition of a “helicopter parent”!

2. “Don’t”

We all know that parent. They say “don’t” to everything. They are so scared that something might happen to the kid, that they are willing to go to any lengths to cocoon him/her. It is pretty stupid, considering they won’t be around all the time, and the kid has to learn to live on its own terms someday. Protecting is one thing, overprotecting yet another.

3. Self-Boasting

When the parent keeps on bringing forth their sacrifice for the kid, it is bound to make the kid feel burdened with the pressure of doing something for them. They are always guilty of not being able to meet up to their expectations, and it leads to severe depression.

4. “Cold as Ice”

When the parent asks the child to not cry from the very beginning, the child grows up believing that is the way the world works. They would grow up distant, unattached, and utterly cold. When they start knowing better, they would bitterly hate their parent.

5. A Block

This is the most toxic form of parental supervision. If the parent is stopping the kid from dreaming, from immersing them in some creative spirit, it is bound to cause immense problems for them. The kid would grow up to be another factory produced individual, living the 9 to 5 job, with no dreams or aspirations of its own.

6. Trust Issues

If the parent brings up the child telling them that everyone out there is going to harm them, it is bound to make the child not trust anyone, and grow up bitter.

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7. Low Self Esteem

Constantly comparing your child with someone else’s, while downplaying your kid all the time, is never going to help the kid. You need to stop comparing, and start looking out for your own kid. Else, he would grow up with a huge inferiority complex, and a bitter attitude towards life.

8. Relaxation

Children need to be given time to relax, to cool off, to burn their energy. If it isn’t allowed by overly strict parents, the child will grow up completely serious, and with no sense of humor. Sooner or later, the ice will break, and the parent will face the brunt of it.

9. Substance Abuse

A child grown up under constant criticism and guilt trip would inevitably lead a future filled with drugs and booze. This will happen if the parent always tells them about everyone else’s successes.

Don’t bring your child up in that way. Please.

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