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12 Things Men Say That Immediately Turn Her Off

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12 Things Men Say That Immediately Turn Her Off

The moment a woman enters into a relationship, most of her friends, relatives and even colleagues, start passing many remarks which are sometimes very upsetting. They keep asking her questions about the relationship she is in, her intimate life and what not. They even find their comments funny and amusing for the receiver.

Now, the thing is that it’s absolutely not funny! On the contrary, it is very irritating when something like that happens.

If you know a woman who recently entered a romantic relationship, you must be ultra-sensitive and never say these 12 things to her.

1. “Your single version was better”

If your friend is not spending as much time with you as she used to, it’s quite normal for you to miss her or feel upset about it. Yet, being a friend, you have to realize that she has a personal life beyond you. Moreover, if she is happy by being in love with someone, you must appreciate that and be glad for it.

2. “Why do you love him?”

By asking a lame question like this, you are only judging her choices. Such things give rise to doubts in her mind and that is not something desirable unless there is some major problem with the person she is in love with. Now, if that is the case, you should obviously warn your friend but never otherwise.

3. “He doesn’t deserve you”

When you make such a comment, you hurt the woman in two ways. First, you disregard the person she loves. Second, you deride her choice. Do you really think she’d like that?

4. “I never pictured the two of you together”

If you say this to a woman who has recently fallen in love, you not only irritate her, but also make her insecure as she’d try to find out the reasons behind such a thought of yours.

5. “When are you getting married?”

Like seriously! It’s damn stupid of people to ask this question to a person in the early stages of their relationship. You’ll know when it is decided. There is no need for you to force her into that.

6. “How intimate have you been?”

It’s obviously very irritating to be asked about your very personal intimate life. If she wants to share any detail with you, she will. Asking for such details pisses a woman off very much.

7. “I miss our days of being single”

Again, you are making her feel guilty for having fallen in love. That’s not a very wise thing to do.

8. “Are you sure about this?”

It’s violent to say something like that to anyone who has recently entered a relationship. It serves no other purpose but to make her nervous about her choice. She is likely to lose the confidence she needs to make her relationship work.

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9. “Why are you still with that cheater?”

If you can’t help two people who are trying to reconcile and make things work again, at least don’t spoil their efforts with your insensitive questions.

10. “I think he is hot”

You say this, make her insecure and it is most likely that you will never again see her while she is with her boyfriend. More often than not, it’ll permanently dent your friendship with her.

11. “Why do you tolerate him?”

Mostly, when you are not satisfied with your relationship, you say such things to others. These things make a woman feel bad about herself and also the relationship she is in. If she wants to confide anything in you, she will. But, you have to let her be till she does.

12. “Do you love him?”

This is probably the stupidest and most irritating question to ask someone in a relationship. As it is, the woman might be confused with what she really feels for the person she is with. By asking such a question, you only put oil on the fire and make her all the more confused. This is quite tormenting, especially if it’s repetitive.

When two people are in a relationship, the people around them have a major role to play in ensuring that it is a fulfilling one.

Support from friends and family is a crucial factor in any relationship and you are responsible for providing that support. So, kindly do it.

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