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8 Ways An Empath Can Protect Himself From Being Energetically Drained by Negative People


8 Ways An Empath Can Protect Himself From Being Energetically Drained by Negative People

Empaths are highly sensitive, and are readily receptive to emotional energies. However, if not guarded from an oncoming negative wave, they find themselves very distraught.

If you happen to be highly sensitive, you know how annoying it feels to have your energy pulled down by others.

Here are 8 ways that you can protect yourself:

1. Say ‘No’ And Mean It

Sensitive people find it supremely difficult to refuse an earnest request.

It does not matter if Satan himself is asking for help. But if you ask me to move a mountain for you, and genuinely look like you need it, I will do it, even if it breaks my bones.

Learn to say ‘no’ to things that don’t bring you joy. Letting people walk over you is not a virtue.

Helping someone that is truly in need and doing something for someone that you love, and especially if the person truly is thankful and appreciates your help, can bring you joy and make you feel good, but helping everyone, even those that don’t show appreciation, can definitely put you down.

So learn the difference and the times when it is for the best to say ‘no’.

2. Listen To Your Heart

The greatest responsibility you have is being honest to yourself.

If you lie to your own brain, the wiring gets all messed up. Do not convince yourself to like things that you actually do not.

When you start accepting things for what they are, life becomes significantly easier. Make sure to always listen to your heart and be true to yourself.

3. Cut Out The Toxicity

You did not sign up for friends that make you want to kill yourself.

Honestly, we have all taken the ‘forever’ ideal way too far.

If somebody, irrespective of how close, repeatedly hurts you, please learn to cut them out. A barren field is better than one with landmines.

Toxic people are very harm for your own self and for your happiness.

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4. Recharge In Solitude

Alone time is super important. If you are a sensitive person, being around people all the time will impact you negatively.

In order to avoid that, step away from time to time.

Reflect in solitude, meditate, or just sit and do nothing. You need to recharge your mental capacity.

Being alone and enjoying it every now and then is definitely something you need and, most likely, want.

5. Don’t Mold Yourself To People’s Choices

You are your own person. Remember that.

Everybody walks their journeys according to their own convenience.

Don’t try to fit into a box that somebody has made for themselves. It will lead you to a lot of unnecessary pain.

Find your own vein, and be satisfied with its pulse. You are not somebody else’s baggage.

6. Try Finding The Good In Everyday

It is very difficult to find the silver lining in a drain pipe. But one must learn to try.

When life throws you into the gutter, try looking for the speeding car that you missed, or the accident you avoided.

It is true that bad things happen sometimes, but maybe they are meant to protect us from much worse.

7. Stay Close To The Natural

Nature has a way of healing one’s pain.

An hour spent in the garden almost feels like therapy.

Take some time to connect to natural things. Walk barefoot, climb a tree, spend time with plants.

My friend once made me stand on the bank of a river, with our feet dipped in the water. For those 5 minutes, I involuntarily forgot about everything else.

8. Prioritize Your Relaxation

You deserve rest.

An empath’s mind is constantly at work with all the signals being thrown at it. Being perceptive has its own disadvantages.

Don’t let your over-hyped mind burn you out. Please ensure that you are taking proper care of your physical and emotional health.

Learn to give yourself a cheap day, or holidays. Switch off. We all need our time-out periods. There is nothing wrong with moving away from the buzz and cacophony. Everything will be in their rightful place when you return. Who knows, you might find the world a tad bit better when you return from your vacation.

So, close your eyes, and let go, every now and then.

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