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You Have 4 Kinds Of Soul Mates. Here’s How To Recognize Each One


You Have 4 Kinds Of Soul Mates. Here’s How To Recognize Each One

“…and when one of them meets the other half, the actual half of himself, whether he be a lover of youth or a lover of another sort, the pair are lost in an amazement of love and friendship and intimacy and one will not be out of the other’s sight, as I may say, even for a moment…” ― Plato, The Symposium

You find ‘the one’ when you least expect it. Soul mates are the people who mirror you, open you wide awake of you repetitive patterns, and push you forward on your voyage.

If we are aware of the types of soul mates we encounter in life, it can help us take full advantage of those opportunities and develop inner connections.

Here are the four types of soul mates I have identified:

1. Healing soul mates

Have you encountered someone at the exact time when you most needed them to clear block from your past? Me too…

These are the people who have already walked your journey, and help you learn from their mistakes so you can move on. It can be said that they show up at a divine time, exactly (in seconds) when you need them, like they have been sent from above.

How do you recognize one?

Your relationship will scale up way too fast, it may even seem odd. The timing when you meet one will be when you are dealing with past issues and patterns. You will know it, believe me.

How do you nourish this relationship?

Some friendships may never last, especially the ones when you need to heal and move on. But it doesn’t mean that it will end either.

If you know how to strengthen your bond and have mutual understanding, you may be looking at a friend (or partner) for life.

Long story short, even if it doesn’t last, it will be worth it.

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2. Past-life soul mates

These soul mates might have been ‘the one’ in your past life, and that may trigger unease and uncomfortability, although the connection will be strong in a blink of an eye. It might seem that you will be friends forever, and you are probably right. This bond will last a lifetime, because they have been beside you in your past life.

These relationships can be easygoing, but it will definitely be crucial. You will share with them your secrets and it will teach you essential thing about trust. You will be who you really are with that person, without the mask you sometimes wear in public.

These are the types of soul mates that will create you the way you’re meant to be, without additional pain or suffering. It may be a romantic friendship, but its usually impossible because there’s no physical attraction nor desire between the two of you.

How do you recognize past-life soul mate?

Unlike the healing soul mates, you will meet your past-life soul mate when you’re truly being yourself.

They will always show their true selves in front of you, it will be easy to spot one. They will help you create the life of your dreams. This friendship will last forever (maybe in the next life too).

How do you nourish this relationship?

It can be really easy to let go of them, unless you stay connected. Email them, call them, just sustain your relationship. You both need yourselves. You will always have fun and joy with them. They will bring your soul inside-out; you will become the way you always wanted to be.

3. Karmic soul mates

These type of soul mates are connected through your past life. They are deep and karmic, and it might be a sign of pain, because they involve ego. And that’s exactly the point, to carve out your first layer. I always connect these soul mates with hard exercise. When you start, it might be painful as hell, but in the end it will be worth it.

How do you recognize one?

Karmic soul mates are twin connections. You will feel their pain, but that’s because both of you are in the same exact position, and you need yourselves to carve out your first layer of ego.

How do you nourish this relationship?

Always be kind, unconditionally kind. You both have really, really hard struggle to carve out your ego. Focus on the positives and you will emerge positive energy. Do your best to understand them. At times you will feel their pain, and vice versa. Be compassionate and put yourselves in their shoes.

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4. Twin flames

Do you have a friend with whom you finish each other’s sentences, and kinda know what they think? If you do, you are looking at a twin flame. Unlike the karmic soul mates, twin flames transcend the ego.

You will sense the wholeness from the bond. It might not be a lover, but if they are, you will both enjoy the relationship for a lifetime.

How do you recognize one?

You will feel like you’ve known them forever. After all you are soul mates. You just don’t want to be apart, not even for a day.

How do you nourish this relationship?

Be honest. Honesty is the real barrier breaker in this relationship. When you are honest with your twin flame, you can transcend through anything. You just understand yourselves, no words needed.

Be cautions, because if one of you screw this up, it will end in a heartbreak. If she/he is not meant to last forever, as a friend or something more, it won’t. But don’t let your ego stand in your way. Whichever way it ends, it will serve it’s purpose.

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