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11 Hidden Superpowers You Didn’t Know You Possess


11 Hidden Superpowers You Didn’t Know You Possess

It’s a common notion among us mortals that life is a continuous state of hardships and struggles. We have to suppress our inner true self in order to fit in seamlessly with the mechanical and lifeless society.

You might have finally adjusted yourself to this system, feeling accomplished to be a part of a structure where a person’s worthiness depends upon their material value and how high up they stand in the hierarchy.

However, the truth comes and hits you right in the face when you’re the most vulnerable and unravels the lies and falsities that you’re surrounded with. It shows you a beautiful world for moments that seems more genuine than the one you’re in.

Our generation is attracted to superheroes because we see a part of ourselves in them. Here’s a list of reasons to support this view:

1. Power of Awareness

Be alert of everything in and around you. Your full consciousness will help you accomplish the things you want.

2. Power of Choice

Slavery is a state of mind that makes you feel like you don’t have a choice. You should work only for yourself and no one else. Let the raw energy within you burn for the right reasons.

3. Power of Originality

You should be your true, unadulterated self and never imitate someone else. Only that way can you channel your true potential!

4. Power of Purpose

We have the ability to give our raw energy the shape of a purpose which gives our life meaning and illuminates our existence.

5. Power of Honesty

This goes hand in hand with courage. You need to face your demons and accept your own truth in order to help others find their light.

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6. Power of spirit

You don’t need to be religious but find your belief. An entity that is higher than you, that makes you realize how small you are and fills your entire being with awe. Let yourself be vulnerable for miracles to happen.

7. Power of Beauty

Superheroes wear masks thinking it will protect them in their mission. However, they actually do that because they are afraid of their own greatness. Beauty seems like a weakness, but it saves. Your authentic self is what matters most.

8. Power of Healing

Superheroes often resort to gadgets and other objects to save themselves but all they need is more faith in their own abilities. You should heal yourself, look for the things that bother you physically and mentally and uproot them.

9. Power of Resilience

You must listen to your heart as it knows truly what you want. You must not let go of something that your heart wishes to stick to. Only your heart can help you survive the toughest of situations and guide you to the awaiting glory.

10. Power of Creativity

Creativity is the intrinsic quality that you have been blessed with to face the uncertainties of life. It is your birthright, the fire within you that burns bright in the face of opposition. It is just as important as love; it is the essential life force that propels us forward. It helps us effectively utilize our other superpowers.

11. Power of Love

Che Guevara once said, “At the risk of sounding ridiculous, let me say that real revolutionaries are guided by great feeling of love“. No matter how many superpowers we possess, it all amounts to nothing with kindness, compassion and sincere love. You need to be selfless and respect others. Love someone like you see God in them! It is the most important superpower. So always remember to love yourself and others.

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