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11 Sure Signs You’re Destined to Become An Elder Spirit


11 Sure Signs You’re Destined to Become An Elder Spirit

In this fast paced life, we are constantly looking for the next best thing that will make us feel like we have accomplished something. Sometimes people spend their entire lives looking for money, fame or toys which will make them feel like they are getting ahead in the world.

But if you are spiritually inclined, you might notice that you are no longer getting satisfied with the material things that you possess. There will come a time when you realize that money, or anything that money can buy, cannot get you contentment. If this is so, that means that you have somehow broken the bonds of conditioning that makes you feel necessary to chase after these material pursuits.

If you’ve come to this realization, this means that you need to work on your soul to find the true purpose of your life. It is different for everyone and you need to find your own path. And once you do, you will realize that it is supremely important that you always listen to your soul, because only your soul can be the best guide in your journey.

Here are 11 traits of an elder soul. If you find that more than 6-7 of them resonate with you, then you are definitely one of them!

1. They don’t care about the flaws and shortcomings of other people. They have better things to occupy their mind with rather than judging other people by their actions or ignorance. They know that sometimes they were in the same situation.

2. They value and respect life, no matter how big or small. They know that they don’t have any right on any kind of life and so they respect the Earth. They know that they are not superior to any other being on the planet!

3. They are aware of the diversions and divisions that can be brought upon by the destructive power of ego. And so they know better than to pay attention to what their ego is telling them. They understand and are aware of the role of the ego better than before.

4. They are also very empathetic and know how others feel. They can easily gauge what others are going through. But unlike empaths, they are better able to control their reactions and therefore don’t get much stressed and they don’t suffer as much as empaths do.

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5. They are very good teachers. They feel that wisdom should be shared and have no qualms in helping people. And the best thing is that they don’t need any recognition for their efforts. Teaching comes natural for them.

6. They know the power of love and are capable of unconditional love. They know that it is one of those things that is hard to come by in this world.

7. They have been around the world long enough to know illusion from reality. They cannot be fooled by Spiritual Bypassing and ego traps which can get them diverted from their path.

8. They don’t get too attached. Neither to arbitrary titles or material objects, like money or estate. They know all of this is transient in nature and so they don’t let themselves get attached to them.

9. They know that they can only be at peace when they are content with whatever they have. They know that pursuing anything will only lead to unhappiness. They know that one has to be happy and content in whatever they already have in order to be happy and that there is nothing that can be achieved from the outside which will give them happiness.

10. They have been alone and found peace in their loneliness, and they have been with people without losing themselves. So they don’t mind whether they are surrounded by people or not, because they will not lose their inner peace.

11. They have finally experienced wholeness and that is because they know that they don’t need anything from the outside to be complete. They have found peace within themselves.

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