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8 Signs Your Girlfriend Is Cheating On You, According To Women


8 Signs Your Girlfriend Is Cheating On You, According To Women

Cheating is devastating, especially if it’s done by someone who you love dearly.

There is a stereotype in society that only men cheat and it’s wrong. Women cheat too. Cheating isn’t confined to one particular gender and there is no one particular reaction to cheating. But not all situations in life are black or white.

Sometimes you feel things but just don’t have enough matter to support it or maybe you’re too scared to face the reality. Something of the similar sort happens when you think your girlfriend is cheating but you can’t really directly accuse her just because she’s out on lunch with her male colleague.

But as they say, truth can never stay hidden. You might not find proof but body language and certain incidents can help you understand whether your girlfriend is cheating or not.

Do you feel that your girlfriend is cheating on you but you don’t want to stoop to the level of spying? Well then we have just the thing you might be looking for.

Today we bring to you 8 signs which indicate that your girlfriend is cheating on you. These signs are mentioned by women themselves, so you are less likely to go wrong. To know what these signs are, continue reading!

1. New Friend

It’s absolutely normal to make new friends but it is not normal to suddenly become completely obsessed with one person, especially if he has appeared from nowhere and has suddenly become a huge part of your conversations. New friend could also mean a new crush.

2. Secretive

Suddenly your girlfriend’s privacy has changed to secrecy. She starts panicking and even picks up a fight once in a while if you touch her phone or laptop without her permission. She hates your surprise arrivals now.

3. Time Issues

Being busy for work is absolutely fine. But constantly being too busy, even to receive your calls, is a bit of a hint. She has suddenly stopped seeing you on the weekends. She doesn’t even make an effort to message you back. She tries to have minimum conversation with you. You both go weeks without seeing each other.

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4. Compatibility Card

After being together for so long, she suddenly feels that both of you lack compatibility. And instead of working on it to solve the problem, she starts hinting at parting ways. This is an age old method of getting rid of someone.

5. Lack Of Sexual Intimacy

Not only emotional but you both are no longer sexually close too. She suddenly doesn’t allow you to touch her and becomes reserved when you hug her or play with her hair. She doesn’t like your touch anymore and feels uncomfortable.

6. Too Irritated

She starts being too irritated when you are around and is absolutely fine when she is with her friends. She dislikes your company now and picks up fight in minor matters. She has even started to accuse you of cheating. This is just her guilt taking over. She thinks that by accusing you of something that she has been doing, she will feel fine.

7. Hiding Devices

You will suddenly stop appearing less on her social media profiles. She will delete all her picture which has you in it from her online profiles. She won’t receive calls or open whatsApp when she is sitting next to you. And if she does, she’ll move away to respond. Her phone will always be facing down so that you don’t see the name of the caller.

8. Problems That Don’t Even Exist

She will start making a huge deal about tiny matters. And somehow the solution, according to her, to all these problems is breaking up. She will constantly indicate towards parting ways even if you are late by 15 minutes.

So these were the 8 points that indicate that your girlfriend is cheating. Keep a watch to these signs so that you don’t ruin your relationship unnecessarily by doubting and also for saving yourself from a terrible heartbreak.

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