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8 Signs You Have Strong Personality That Can Intimidate Others


8 Signs You Have Strong Personality That Can Intimidate Others

Sometimes in life, we find ourselves positively absorbed in our own life and personality, and we find that we do not really need anything else.

We see that we are enough for our own selves and don’t need anyone else to give us any validation.

If you often find that other people are scared of approaching you and that you make people nervous, it just might mean that you have an intimidating personality.

Read on to find out if you are someone with a deep and intimidating personality!

1. You don’t need attention

You realize and understand that you only need your attention to be happy and content. You do not feel the need for validation or attention from others, as you are absolutely secure in your place. You are always confident and sure of yourself, needing nobody else to hype you up as you do it just fine by yourself. You don’t care and you don’t like wasting your time on thinking and worrying about what others think or say about you.

2. You are irritated by ignorance

There is nothing that irritates you more than ignorance! You make conscious and very serious effort to educate yourself and make sure you are well informed about the things that matter. You get agitated when someone challenges you in this sphere but you never lose your cool. You simply let go of it, instead of letting such an ignorant person drag you down to their level.

3. You hate small talk

You hate engaging in small talk and find it utterly boring and useless. You either engage in conversation that is stimulating and fruitful, or you would prefer to stay quiet. For you, making effort to make conversation is a waste of energy if one does not achieve anything from it or if it does not make a difference. Your focus is always on the bigger picture.

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4. You know that actions speak louder than words

You do not believe in words. You believe words once they have been converted to actions only. You always notice if people stand true to their words or not and in case of the latter, you never shy away of calling them out on their bullshit. You only associated with people who have the backbone to stand by what they say and the moment you see that that is not the case, you steer clear of them. You are the same way yourself; you do and show instead of just talk and talk.

5. You listen

When people talk to you, you lend your ears to them and you actually listen. You don’t take part in conversations just to talk. You like talking to people and knowing what they feel and finding out about their lives because it helps you broaden your horizon and helps you grow as a person. You are an excellent listener and always have good and sound advice to give. Because of this, you are fun to be around as you always bring something to the table. A lot of people don’t truly listen, and people are only waiting for their turn to speak, and mostly about themselves, but you are one of the not-so-many people that truly listen.

6. You speak your mind

You do not care about what others might think about you and you always speak your mind. You never shy away from expressing your opinions and ideas about things and do not back down when other people question or dismiss them. You like to be heard and you make sure that you always are. You keep it real and say what has to be said.

7. You are secure

You are very secure of yourself and are not confused about your sense of self. You are confident and content with who you are as a person and feel really comfortable in your own skin. You know that there is nothing wrong with being your own unadulterated self.

8. You are open to learning

Just because you are confident and secure, that does not mean that you are not open to learning or working on your opinions when you learn new things about different stuff. You are always ready to learn more and be a better informed individual.

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