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16 Hidden Traits That Are Unique to the Empath


16 Hidden Traits That Are Unique to the Empath

As you might know, empaths are not exactly ordinary. They are special people with the ability to not only listen to people when they talk about their emotions, but they can actually feel them.

They feel with you and work through your pain with you. Everything sounds complicated, but it is much easier to spot an empath than it might seem.

If the following points are applicable to you, you might be an empath yourself. Check out the 17 hidden qualities of am empath:

1. Good listener

You don’t wait for your turn to talk. You actually listen and never run out of patience when it comes to hearing other people out. You are one of the not-so-many people that truly listen to others and care for what they have to say.

2. Bothered by loud noises

The irritation here is not because you don’t like loud music or something. Loud noises make you uncomfortable and stress you out, both physically and mentally.

3. Easily distracted

Your mind always has too much on it and hence you have a hard time concentrating. Your mind is always wandering and you cannot get yourself to focus easily.

4. Good advice

You always give the best advice. You never fluff things up and you keep it real. What escapes your mouth is the absolute truth. Because you give such amazing advice, people always come to you for it, especially when they are going through tough times.

5. You get exhausted

Exhaustion is normal when you give as much as you do to other people. You are not taking just your feelings and emotions into consideration but what other people feel as well. So that leaves you drained and exhausted and you need some time to recharge.

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6. You are an agony aunt

People are always coming to you with their problems. It doesn’t have to be a friend, but anyone, even a stranger. Blame it on the aura of warmth and understanding that you exude.

7. You love animals

Your relationship with animals is sometimes deeper than relationships you form with other human beings. You feel like they are the only ones who truly understand you and make you feel at peace.

8. You understand other’s pain

You don’t just listen. You feel other’s pain and truly understand what they are going through. You are always there, to help, listen and help get over.

9. You always help

Given a choice, you would not trade your ability or willingness to help other people for anything else in the world. You love helping people and have found your purpose in continuing to do so. That is why a lot of people know that they can truly count on you and your help, always.

10. You find happiness in helping people

You don’t help people simply because you can. You help people because it makes you feel happy and like you are truly serving your purpose in the world.

11. You are sensitive

You are a sensitive person. Even when there is something too sad on TV or if the news is too harrowing, you cannot help but change challenges or stop watching what you were watching.

12. Crowds overwhelm you

You get overwhelmed in crowds because of too many emotions. They stress you out and overload your system.

13. You hate dishonesty

You are the most tolerant person ever but the one thing that you will never tolerate is dishonesty. There is nothing you hate more than you hate dishonesty in people. It disturbs you to the core.

14. You are called over sensitive

People often say that you have too many emotions and that you are not fit for the cruel world. They tell you that you are too easily affected by things around you.

15. You help bad people too

You do not shy away from people, and not even the worst people. You never run out of second chances and forgive people because you think that there are no bad people, just people who made mistakes.

16. You are never fake

You are the realest. You fake nothing and are trying to be nothing but yourself.

Image source: Flickr/odibodi

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