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8 Differences Between Genuine and Fake People


8 Differences Between Genuine and Fake People

“One may smile, and smile, and be a villain” – William Shakespeare

Have you ever met someone who seemed really nice and likeable at first sight? They inspired confidence and genuine friendly feelings in you that may rise in a friendship. But soon you realized that there is something fishy about them. The niceness that they seem to project is just a disguise to hide their true intentions from the world. You saw that their real personality was not at all similar to what you saw earlier.

There are people who seem very nice at first but in reality they could be deceitful. They are Janus-faced individuals who hide their negative intentions from people. It takes time to determine their true nature and once you see that, you may want to leave for good.

You can differentiate between someone who is genuine and someone who is fake by reading the list given below which is made for your benefit:

1. Looking out for you; Looking down on you

People who are genuine and good in nature will always look out for their friends and family. They will never bring them down or portray them in a negative light.

On the other hand people who pretend to be nice on the outside will bad-mouth you in front of others whenever you are not present. They will magnify your flaws or mistakes in order to make themselves look superior to you. This shows how insecure they are deep inside.

2. Minds their own business; People pleaser

Genuine people do not care about how their actions will be perceived by the world. They do what they think is best or right according to them.

People who are fake are highly conceited individuals. They are shallow and vain; they want to impress everyone around them. They are concerned about their image and how people view them.

3. On your face; Behind your back

A person who is truly your well-wisher will say everything to you face-to-face. He/she will not go behind your back to gossip about you. They are honest with their opinions.

But a person who is not so, will gossip behind your back and pretend to be nice in front of you. And always remember, if someone gossips with you about other people, they will gossip about you with other people. This is true in 99.9% of the cases.

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4. Humility; Boasting

Genuine people do not like to brag about their achievements. They do not feel the need to prove themselves to others. Fake people are completely opposite to them. They love to indulge in ostentatious behavior in order to highlight their importance and power. They are all about show-off.

5. Actual interest; Only for spotlight

People with a genuine personality are not after fame and glory. They like what they are doing, and if that brings them some fame, that’s fine.

People with an artificial personality seek name and fame. They live for the limelight and their actions are guided by the desire to attain that.

6. Action; Words

Genuine people do not boast about things that they can’t possibly achieve. They believe in the value of hard work and ambitions. Their actions speak louder than words.

While fake people sound high and mighty, in reality they are dull and deficient.

7. Honesty; Deceit

Genuine people believe in giving honest opinions, compliments and criticisms while fake people bombard you with lavish, extravagant praises. They will flatter you in order to reach their own ends.

8. Limitless support; Abandoning when needed

Genuine people are repositories of unconditional help and support. They will try their best in order to find solution to your problems. They don’t expect anything from you in return.

In complete contrast to this, fake people only help you if they can gain something from it. If not then then they will abandon you in your moment of crisis.

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