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Sociopaths And Narcissists Use These 5 Phrases To Undermine Your Confidence


Sociopaths And Narcissists Use These 5 Phrases To Undermine Your Confidence

There is a very thin line between a sociopath and a narcissist. Sociopaths want to control every aspect of other’s lives while narcissists love ALL the attention and other’s time to themselves.

Have you ever thought you may know someone who could be a sociopath or a narcissist? The possibility is not obscure and you may not even guess until they directly say, or act so explicitly.

But both, narcissists and sociopaths speak the same language to get what they want from you.

Here are five statements both of these people use to make you feel like you’re crazy:

1. I hate drama: As much as these people claim to loathe drama, they are the ones who are mostly surrounded by drama. They attract and create nonsense. Such people try to make mountains of molehills and end up making the other person as the perpetrator of drama.

2. You’re crazy/bipolar/shallow/arrogant/jealous/bitter and so on: This name-calling begins when they see their relationship with you going downhill. They will place the blame on you, with much convenience. This not only cleans their moral slate but also makes the other miserable and guilty. Out of guilt, at times, the other person will give in to a narcissist’s or the sociopath’s wishes, however crazy they are.

3. You are too sensitive: They will shower you with utmost attention and care, followed by ignoring you for a couple of days or weeks straight and wait for you to react. As soon as you react, they will mock or patronize you for being needy or clingy or being too sensitive. Here, let me pause and assert – There is no such thing as being too sensitive. Period. If you feel for people a little more, if you care a little more, if you love a little more than ‘normal’ then that is not a sin. And who decided what is ‘normal’ anyway?

4. You misunderstood: Each one of us can misunderstand others from time to time. However, narcissists and sociopaths intentionally poke you where it hurts the most. Moreover, if you react then will locate all blames on you with zero regrets. This is called gaslighting – doing something that they know won’t go down well with the other person and when the victim reacts, obviously, then suddenly they will make them look like the worst person around.

5. You can’t live without me: This is inference that will always come up. Narcissists and sociopaths love to believe that others cannot live without them. Moreover, they will do anything to make others believe it too. For them, this is the finality of all issues and arguments – that the other person has to make up, otherwise they’ll lose them and regret. They don’t do it in order to have a healthy relationship with you. They do it for their need of people constantly being around and about them.

All said and done, you have to understand one important fact: We humans cannot do without each other. The love and care that another human has the capacity to give us can make us do crazy stuff. However, neither be the victim nor the oppressor. Believe in loving a little more, letting go a little more and dancing to the song of life, a little more.

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