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10 Underrated Truths about Life We Desperately Avoid to Face Every Day


10 Underrated Truths about Life We Desperately Avoid to Face Every Day

As a species, humankind has been collectively focused on the state of perfection.

We all have heard the success stories of the top few who seem to have achieved it and consequently made it big in life.

Thanks to the internet, we are now aware of the success stories of a thousand more people worldwide. They are not few in number, and they are definitely not quiet about their stories. As amazing as it might be, this is a dampener for us ‘regular’ people. Struggling with all our might against our life problems, we are bound to wonder what exactly are we missing which these famous people seem to have grasped so early in life.

The thing is, everyone talks about their success, but no one mentions the everyday life struggles and adjustments they faced in order to achieve it. Once you gloss over that detail, it becomes more or less a picture perfect scenario. One from which we cannot relate.

So here are 10 things you need to understand in order to keep your real life in focus while endeavoring to create your own success story:

1. Have a goal in life

Yeah, most people say “I have a goal, I want to be rich.” Sorry to break it down to you, but if you think just by saying you want to be “rich” is a goal, then you’ve got the entire concept of success wrong. It HAS to be broken down to a smaller goals. Even janitors can become millionaires with the right mindset. Actually, here you can read about 3 people who became self-made millionaires and were janitors.

Having an aim gives meaning to it, and also works as a stimulant for you to get up each day and look forward to. The nearer you get to your desired goal, the happier you will be. That too without depending on anyone else, which brings us to…

2. Others opinions matter not

Don’t let others affect your personal space and happiness. Depending on someone to be your rock would simply leave you hanging in case they decide to leave.

Also, don’t pay heed to the opinions that others have about you, what you do is your business and not up for judgment by any other soul.

I’ve been personally mocked and made fun of when I started this website. I heard comments like “let him, he will be out in 2 months” and “let him be… the desire will pass and he will turn back to be the old him.” Not more than 4 years later, I am sitting on the iron throne of success while most people in my country are fighting day by day. And it was all because I had clear goals, step by step, lurking and finding ways in the unknown… not to mention that I didn’t pay a second of attention to the people who didn’t trust in me.

Give your best and leave it up to fate, for you also need to keep in mind that…

3. We seldom have much control

Yes, even on our own lives. There is a whole line of philosophy dedicated to the question of free will and determinism. The most widely accepted view is obviously the middle one, which says we do have some control over our actions but not total. There is a certain determinism prevalent in everything we do.

What you obsess with does with determine your life, but not in the exact picture as you thought it would.

So let go of this notion of control and the anxiety which comes along with it will vanish too. Speaking of anxiety…

4. Don’t fear failure

No matter how many times we hear this, one really can’t help but still be afraid of failure. It’s natural enough to be so, but just keep in mind that it’s equally natural to fail.

No matter how detrimental it may look, failures are never the end. Your courage is what matters, along with your willingness to learn and move forward.

On this topic, I have personally hit the rock bottom every damn day when I was trying to build a successful website. I burned to the last penny on a marketing campaigns I was 100% would turn out to be successful, and because I “had 0 luck” ( today, in my dictionary luck is a word used by the average people to determine “easier” way how successful people got their wealth) I had no idea where to turn to see a successful story in my life. But I never, ever gave up on it.

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Remember, always keep your head to the ground because…

5. Objects don’t make people

There it is. It is the only thing you need to understand in order to prevent yourself from becoming a shallow materialist.

It’s the relationships you forge and the kind of a person you are that people will remember, not your bank balance.

By working on getting the wealth, which does really make life easier, your main spiritual goal is to make yourself a better man. Man of the people, someone who’s loved to be around. I have noticed, when a really successful man enters a room, you can just sense their confidence and vibration. They are brilliant mindsets set in motion. They are vibrating higher than anyone in the room, and when you look back on their past you will find (in 99% of the cases) a man who was desperately failing every day, but never gave up on his dream.

That not only made him/her rich, but it also made him/her a better person.

And always keep in mind…

6. Thinking is way too different from actually doing

Without picking up pace and working towards our goals we are never going to get anywhere. Zero work would lead to zero success, no matter how elaborate the planning might be.

If we put all our focus on our goal, the way forward becomes clear. Although, we must always be open to unprecedented changes in each plan as…

7. Change is the only constant

Everything around us is constantly changing and the best way to deal with this fact is to accept it. Once you do that it becomes easier to work accordingly and enjoy the present to its fullest. Focus on making good memories with everyone you love since…

8. Death is a universal truth that concerns us all

We never really stop to appreciate the enormity of this fact till it actually hits us. Death comes for us all, and this fact alone should make us spend more time with the people we love, making the most of our relationships. However, it won’t do you any good if you start worrying too much about this fact as…

9. Worrying is a useless waste of time

Since it doesn’t change what is about to happen, worrying is almost as useless as daydreaming about success. Instead of helping, it only makes situations worse, since anxiety affects all aspects of our life.

Being happy for our present and not having a ton of expectations from the future is the best way to live life to the fullest. But even in your present, keep in mind that you should differentiate between temporary and permanent sources of happiness because..

10. Running after temporary feelings would only lead to sorrow

Pursue what stays, which is internal peace. True happiness is when we are content from the inside; everything else is a mere shadow of happiness which never really leads to any destination.

Once you attain peace with your own self, your happiness is never compromised, thus positively affecting your life and journey.

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