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8 Brutally Honest Reasons Why You Are Still Single (Even if you are Hot)


8 Brutally Honest Reasons Why You Are Still Single (Even if you are Hot)

Ever wondered why you are still sitting alone at a coffee shop reading a book while there are couples mushing each other in public?

Ever wondered why you are still alone despite hearing the phrase “you’ll make an amazing girlfriend”?

If that ever happened to you, there are reasons for it, be sure. Nothing happens without valid reasons in this world. So let’s look at some.

1. Raising a family is not the thing that appeals to you

You might be the “player” type, who doesn’t want to keep a check of the wild oats she sows, or you might just have higher pursuits besides such mundane things as a salary, a house, husband and kids. Settling down is not something you want, and that is okay. Maybe that is one of the reasons why you don’t want to invest in a relationship.

2. No male companion can define your existence

This is actually a very big issue with most working women who are of independent temperaments. Besides, given they are financially independent and quite stable at that, they generally have a notion (and a correct one at that) that no man can fulfill her ambitions or validate her existence. She needs no validation. You might just be one of this kind.

3. You love yourself

Most men want to date women who have low self-esteem because it becomes easier for them to gain the moral high ground and act as the “savior”. It’s called the “messiah” complex and is pretty common nowadays. If you give off vibes that say you love yourself enough, it might not be very appealing to men. This isn’t something that is bad. It’s their shortcoming, not yours.

4. You are a patient one

You have buckets full of patience inside your heart. It also might be the case that you don’t want to settle for the second best. It’s either the best, or nothing for you. You are ready to wait it out until the right one comes a-knocking. If not, well, you are sufficient enough for yourself, in finance, love and intimacy.

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5. You simply aren’t ready

You live in the moment and are taking full advantage of your youth. In short, you are having the time of your life. And this makes sense; human life is a gift and there are gifts, both carnal and spiritual to be enjoyed and maybe you are simply doing that. No one can judge you for that. You are the master of your own life and it can be only your decision.

6. You have ambitions

Career-wise you have a ladder to climb. Commitments can only be a hindrance to you, the workaholic. Besides, you don’t want to half ass both your career and your relationship: you’d rather do one well and given your career feeds you, you choose that. Makes sense.

7. Your vibes put people off

And it’s not such a bad thing actually. You are a confident and an independent woman who can survive on her own, happily and freely. This might not be what men want because they have been taught to feel that way: to always choose the moral high ground and to be the savior. But you need no saving. You might just save a few on your own.  And that might be an off-putting vibe.

8. Friendships matter to you

Think where man’s glory most begins and ends, and say my glory was I had such friends”, wrote Yeats. And it is true. What is humanity made of, if not for bonds of camaraderie? You believe in this whole-heartedly and have families everywhere you have friends. The lines merge for you. And you would not stand for a boyfriend who would want to isolate you and make you choose between him and your friends.

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