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10 Reasons Why Intelligent Women Have A Hard Time Finding True Love


10 Reasons Why Intelligent Women Have A Hard Time Finding True Love

A lot of us know at least one strong woman that has everything going on for her except a romantic relationship. Or maybe you are one of them.

These have found to be the reasons why such strong woman usually have the hardest time out of everyone when it comes to finding love in their lives:

1. Being alone than wasting time

She would rather be alone than waste her or someone else’s time just to cure her loneliness. They will not commit just for the sake of it or from any peer pressure.

2. They look at things very closely

Even when they find someone worth spending time with, they will look closely because compatibility is not god given. It requires time to understand whether you actually gel with someone or not. For this considerate amount of effort is required from both the sides.

3. Independence

They value and love their independence and will not let anyone try to limit it. At first the idea of sharing it is scary, but if she lets you in then you should be able to hold that place.

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4. Being a busy bee

They don’t have much time when it comes to dating someone regularly because they have a lot more personal interest to be taken care of. They have to rely on trial and error methods and if they find someone worth their time, they will give their best effort.

5. They know the reality of relationships

They are not cynical about relationships but they do know that love is not the only thing which sustains one. There are other aspects like financial stability, long term vision and respect for each other that matters when it comes to getting committed with someone.

6. Differentiating between attraction and commitment

She knows how to differentiate between the mushy feelings of being attracted to someone and the warmth and comfort inspired by commitment. She will not be swept away by temporary feelings and will look for something viable and meaningful. Don’t expect to woo her immediately by cheap tricks. She will not fall for them.

7. Can be intimidating

Smart women can be intimidating for most men and they might feel threatened or unworthy. She is not devoid of feelings but don’t expect her to sit and stroke your hair all the time and boost your ego just so that you can feel better. Learn to accept her as who she is- opinionated, strong and spirited. If you feel intimidated then that’s not her problem, it’s yours.

8. They do not give guarantees

They understand that we all are growing and changing with time and situations, which makes it difficult to find someone with whom one can grow. Most of the times things fall apart due to this and people can’t keep up with their partners. She’s looking for someone with whom she can grow and develop. There are certainly no guarantees for the future.

9. She believes in old school dating and romance

With the cultural change affecting the dating habits and methods, a smart woman knows exactly what she wants and how she wants it. She doesn’t believe in these new age dating methods and practices, and would like to stick to old school romantic ways.

10. They can and will protect themselves

They will protect their hearts as fiercely as they can and will not put themselves on line for anyone. They will evaluate all the arguments and not be blinded by love or infatuation which could possibly ruin their lives. She will not risk her mental, emotional and physical health for anything temporary. She will take time to determine things and act accordingly.

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