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7 Warning Signs From The Universe You Are Ready For A Massive Change


7 Warning Signs From The Universe You Are Ready For A Massive Change

In life, there are times when we think we are on the verge of making a great change. But at such times, we are also very scared of what would happen if we do make that change. So, what do we do? How do we make the call whether we want to make that change or not?

Well, the universe is here to tell you that! The universe does give certain signs that give you an idea whether or not making some big change in your life would be harmful.

1. If you feel that recently there have been a lot of broken relationships, then that is a sign that you are about to experience some great change. Of course it can be challenging and painful to go through such a thing, but instead of the pain, think of the greater reason behind this loss. This is because you are shifting your perspective and thus these old relationships are becoming problematic to you.

2. You must have your wits about you at all times and if you are indeed ready for a change, you will see that the universe has strewn signs all around for you to notice. It can be in the form of number synchronicity, such as seeing 11:11 or 777 all the time. Or it can be some particular image or phrase that keeps popping up around you. These are all signs that there is going to be a major change soon.

3. If you are on the verge of changing, you’d see that your sleep is heavily affected. If you cannot think of any medical reason behind a change in your sleep, you should definitely consider this. When your heart and mind is going through a change, you get tired and fatigued too much. This makes you want to sleep as much as possible and makes it practically impossible to wake up on time. However, when you see the new way of living, everything should return back to normal.

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4. If you have been feeling uncomfortable in your current job or financial situation, then that means that there is going to be a change soon. Unless we are agitated, we do not act on our problems. If you feel that the life you are living is not the one that you want, then there is definitely a need to change and this might be your opportunity.

5. If you find that things that had always worked for you do not anymore, for instance your favorite motivational speech, it might be a sign that you have now grown out of that phase. And that now you’d need to make a change, because the old systems are not just cutting it anymore for you.

6. You suddenly feel like digging out all the past problems that you suppressed so hard in the first place. This means that you are ready for a new beginning. And for a new life, you need to first resolve the issues of the old one. You don’t want to have any unfinished business on your mind at all. If you are not able to resolve these issues, you can purge yourself by writing about them.

7. If you are ready for a big change in life, it means that you will be much more in sync with your emotions than you have been ever before. Everything would be a lot more intense for you. This is not a bad thing at all. To be able to feel things is to be able to learn. Your emotions are capable of teaching you a lot, if only you are brave enough to embrace them.

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