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7 Timeless Lessons About Life From Nikola Tesla That Are Still Relevant Today


7 Timeless Lessons About Life From Nikola Tesla That Are Still Relevant Today

Nikola Tesla is one of the most renowned eccentric mad geniuses of all times. Though he was a bit too much for his peers to handle, time has proven that he wasn’t quite off the mark with some of the claims which earned him so much infamy.

Most recognizably, he predicted wireless form of communication so long ago that no one among his contemporaries could take him seriously.

But his experiments didn’t just make him a great scientist who was slightly ahead of his time, but also one of the most wise men in the world.

Here are 7 life lessons from the great man which we can learn a lot from as well:

1. During his lifetime, many of his inventions were reportedly stolen. But he never cared about it and went about his experiments just like he always would. He wouldn’t care about what others are doing; his only focus was his own work. If we too could work without thinking about how others would look at it, we’ll be at a much better place, both mentally and emotionally.

2. If you are looking for inspiration or if you want to know where you are going wrong, you have to go no further than looking inside. Tesla held introspection in high regard and thought that it is crucial in helping you preserve the life you want, and achieve the life you want to have. When we think about our own weaknesses and strengths, we would be better able to measure how much effort we need to put to be more successful.

3. Tesla was mercilessly ridiculed for his futuristic ideas which seemed outlandish at the time. In retrospect, he was proven right. But he didn’t care about it even at that time. He was always sure about his own capabilities and never tried to justify himself to others. He didn’t let their skepticism or ridicule come in the way of him doing what he wanted. He never let go of his creativity in the face of disbelief.

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4. Reading and books are your lifelong companions if you want your creativity to stay alive. Reading books might seem a bit outdated in this time, but they have not lost their importance in this age of articles and online journals. The latter might give you more information no doubt, but reading old books can give you inspiration and true creativity springs only from inspiration.

5. One of the most important lessons, that someone who is creating something new can remember, is to have patience. You will never get things right in the first time. But a true inventor needs to have the patience to try something a hundred times even when they fail on 99 occasions. No great invention can come without patience.

6. And on that note, if you are an inventor or a Creator, it is your duty to continue your work even in the ace of hardships. It might seem like a futile pursuit or you might feel that you are not appreciated enough, but don’t let these feelings get the better of you. You are meant for great things in life and your contribution to humankind is crucial, even though it might not seem apparent at the moment.

7. Our capitalist world has made us believe that money is the be all and end all of existence. Everything that we do or do not do is ultimately aimed at getting money. People do inventions solely to earn the royalty off of them. But that’s not the true spirit of creation. One must create things because of the magic of creation itself. No material reward should be the driving force behind them.

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