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10 Characteristics Strong Women Have But Will Never Show To You


10 Characteristics Strong Women Have But Will Never Show To You

A strong woman is someone who is all about the work and not bragging. She has a very clear set of priorities and she would rather chase them instead of wasting her time in talking about them.

Here are a few more characteristics of a strong woman:

1. She is never satisfied in growth. She will always reset her goals as soon as she has reached her previous ones. She is always looking for opportunities for her growth and is never ready to settle. And she chases down these goals hungrily, just so that she can go after even better ones. She knows that nothing in life is given and that everything she wants, she needs to work hard for.

2. She will never be ready to just be an option for someone. If you are not willing to give her the time of your day, she will have no qualms in moving on to someone who values her. She knows what she deserves and she can tell when she deserves better than what she is getting.

3. She will never tolerate people who spread negativity and toxicity around her. She knows and values her own time and mental peace, and will not let others disturb it. If she thinks you are not adding positively to her life, she will waste no time in kicking you out. Toxic people are not welcome in her life.

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4. Also, she doesn’t care about what the popular opinion about her is. She will do things the way she sees fits, and people can do or say whatever they want. She does not seek validation from others to feel happy about herself. She knows that the only rules she has to follow are her own.

5. She doesn’t shy away from her weaknesses. She doesn’t try to hide them. For her, they are a part of her and she embraces them as such. And through them she is able to focus her energies on those things where she excels. She knows where she is lacking; therefore, she has a fair idea about where she needs to excel at to balance out the setback. She accepts herself as she is, flaws and all.

6. She is happy to be left on her own. If she dates someone, it is because they add to her life in a positive manner. She doesn’t want a relationship with drama and tears. If that is on your mind, you need to not even approach her. She would much rather remain single than be with someone who causes her grief and strife. She definitely knows her worth and is not afraid to be alone.

7. As mentioned before, she doesn’t have any time for negative people. Her friend circle too, is very small. It is the people whom she can trust. And for them she is ready to go to any lengths. She has learned from her past mistakes and bad encounters. And she has had many of those, which is why she is so strong now. She might have a small circle of friends, but her circle is very loyal and she appreciates that with all her heart.

8. If you are someone who is in the habit of commenting on people’s appearances and body types, an encounter with a strong woman will truly give you some perspective. She will not be looked down upon. She knows her worth is not decided by her body shape and she will make sure that you know this too. A strong woman won’t ever let you disrespect her or disrespect and shame someone else in front of her.

9. If you are someone who is insecure of their own abilities, you better stay away from her. She will never underplay herself just to soothe your ego. She wants a man who is confident enough of his own capabilities, so that he is not jealous of hers.

10. And finally, when she wants something, she goes for it. Whether it is a job position that she is aiming for, or the guy she likes; she is not afraid to make the first move. And if you are lucky enough to be approached by a strong woman, think about it really carefully before rejecting her. You might be missing on an opportunity of a lifetime.

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