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7 things you have a hard time doing because you’re Deep Thinker


7 things you have a hard time doing because you’re Deep Thinker

Deep thinkers might be known for being anxious and worried, but there are many positive qualities that they possess which are also beneficial for others.

They are the people who actually think before speaking or acting. They do not engage in meaningless chatter with unimportant people.

If you know someone who is a deep thinker or if you are one, then you might be able to relate with the qualities listed below:

1. Introversion

Deeps thinkers are characterized by being quiet, reserved and introverted. They like to be with themselves rather than socialize with people. According to a study, introverts naturally have high cortisol arousal which means that that their ability to process information is greater than an average extrovert. That is why they try to avoid too many people and places with loud noises.

2. They are about experiences!

A deep thinker analyses the experiences from his past and utilizes them for his/her present. They make links between the past, present and the future in order to learn in life. They also like to solve problems and make connections. They like to live life and learn from every experience rather than lament about the unfairness/unpredictability of life.

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3. Multiple perspectives

Deep thinkers are good observers. They observe people when they speak and act. This does not mean that they judge people. It simply means that they like to learn from people and situations in life. They like to view things from multiple perspectives and would like to better communications with others.

4. They are empathic people

Empathy is the medicine that the world really needs right now. With so much negativity and hatred spread in the world through terrorism, racism and political conflicts, we really need more empaths who can spread love and positivity.

Deep thinkers’ empathic skills are very good. They can feel when others are down or sad and they will make efforts to cheer them up. They offer comfort and care to those who need it. Their intuitive skills make it possible for them to connect with others on a deeper, emotional level.

5. They tend to forget

They are deep thinkers but that doesn’t mean that they remember every mundane detail from the day. They tend to forget things which they think are not that important. If they forget little things about you then don’t be offended, it’s not personal. You can always remind them.

6. They are very curious

You cannot satiate the curiosity of a deep thinker. They need to know how the world works and how people work. Knowledge gives them true happiness and they are not pretentious about it. This quality makes them very interesting people because they know something of everything.

Even Einstein himself said, “I have no special talents, I’m only passionately curious”.

7. Open minded

Deep thinkers are open-minded people. They will welcome all the view points and will not argue needlessly. They love engaging with new ideas and new people. They love learning new things and are always open to healthy discussions and debates. However, they won’t blindly accept any idea because they prefer to look at both sides of an argument.

According to researchers, people who are willing to see both sides of an argument tend to do better on intelligence tests. But this does not mean that an intelligent person will accept any idea put in front of them.

Like Aristotle said, “It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it”.

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