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9 Things Confident People Do Differently From Everyone Else


9 Things Confident People Do Differently From Everyone Else

Don’t you feel in awe of those people who are always so sure of themselves?

They have this unshakable faith in themselves that gives them the strength to follow true to their dreams.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you too could be confident in your own abilities?

Well, here are 9 habits which you can inculcate that will help you have more confidence in yourself:

1. Confident people know that they can be wrong too. And when they realize that they’ve made a bad decision, they don’t try to hide it. Instead, they admit it right then and start working on how to improve the situation. They are also not shy of saying sorry when it is due.

2. They challenge themselves. This is how they learn to have courage to take the big decisions. They started out pretty early too. Even in school, when they were clearly the underdog, they fought for a position in the cheerleading squad. For them, the rewards they’d get if they succeed were far more important than the embarrassment they would have faced from failing.

3. When a person has enough confidence in their own abilities, they are not shy to ask for help. Those who have insecurities think that asking for help is admitting that they are not good enough. But those who have self confidence know that just because they need help from someone who knows this particular thing better than them, doesn’t mean that their worth is affected.

4. Someone who has confidence in themselves will not go seek validation from others. They don’t care if the world is watching them work or if they are working alone. For them, it is more important that they get the job done rather than whether or not the spotlight is pointed in their direction.

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5. Someone who is confident in themselves, also know the importance of keeping all their faculties at the ready, always. They take their sleep and exercise schedules seriously because they know the importance of their bodies. They will not do anything that will lead them to have ill health and not be able to perform to their 100 percent.

6. When they talk to someone, they pay attention. They listen and try to understand what the person is trying to say. They are confident enough in themselves that they can let the other person speak without their own importance being threatened. And when they listen, they are not simply listening to prepare counterpoints to the argument, they are actually trying to understand the other side of the story.

7. They know their own worth, as well as their limits. That is why they have no qualms in saying ‘no’ to people. They wouldn’t do something just because someone has asked them to do so. If they think they are not up to the job, they will not feel ashamed in admitting that. They will also not worry about someone else taking things the wrong way just because they said no, if the thing would cause problems to themselves.

8. They are not critical or judgmental of other people. Just like they know that they have their strengths and weaknesses, they also do understand that the other person will as well! They believe that every human being is worthy in themselves and that’s why they don’t pass judgment on others easily.

9. Finally, their confidence doesn’t come from other’s praises or how many successful projects they have under their belt. It arises from their own feeling of self love and self worth. They love themselves just as they are, and that’s why they are able to be confident in their own abilities.

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