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18 Qualities Every Strong and Ambitious Woman Should Look For


18 Qualities Every Strong and Ambitious Woman Should Look For

There’s nothing as brilliant as a woman with ambition and confidence. She isn’t scared of people, nor is she willing to put up with anyone else’s sh*t. She simply doesn’t have the time nor wants to make time for it.

An Alpha woman is a strong woman who can take care of herself. She is different from other women in many ways which will make you fall for her immediately.

There is something which is striking about the alpha woman. You have to understand that this is someone who has had to reach the point in her life going through struggles that you cannot imagine. Chances are that her path to success has been studded with obstacles that you cannot understand.

She has succeeded in a man’s world and that means that she has been willing to fight in any manner possible, even when her back has been up against the wall. That’s why she’s a very different kind of person than the rest.

Just like she is sure about her life choices, she is also sure about the kind of man she wants as her partner.

Here are 18 qualities that an Alpha woman looks for in a man:

1. Fun teasing

You both tease each other in good humor without ever being mean. You both know each other well enough to not cross the line.

2. He challenges you

He won’t meekly accept your every decision. He has to challenge your views at times so that it can make you learn more about life. Healthy competition is always good for partners.

3. Say no to jealousy

He doesn’t get jealous by every man who comes into your life. He knows that you are trustworthy and honest about everything. Your relationship is based on mutual love and trust.

4. He has his own life

You both give each other space outside your relationship. He can have plans with his boys and you with your girls. Your love will not be affected by these things.

5. He doesn’t gossip about you

You can share all your embarrassing stories with him and he will keep them to himself. What is shared between you two stays between the two of you.

6. Bad moods? No problem

He knows how to handle your bad-mood days. He will never complain or judge you and he will also never take things personally. If you say you need to alone, he will give you your headspace.

7. Apologies

He doesn’t say sorry just to end the argument. He genuinely means what he says!

8. On the same page

You both are on the same page personally and professionally. He doesn’t push you or demoralize you about your life choices. He is comforting and accepting.

9. No idolatry

He is real if he doesn’t put you on a pedestal and worship you. He would love to take your bad mood but will not be ready to become a doormat.

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10. Opportunities to lean

You both learn from each other and love gaining knowledge about things you didn’t know about. He will teach you things but he will never lecture.

11. He makes you laugh

Laughter is really important in any relationship. If you both can’t share a laugh together, then your relationship will be quite dead soon with time.

12. He’ll call you out

He isn’t afraid to your hurt feelings if they need to get hurt and show you what you are not able to see. He isn’t afraid of ripping the band aid when need be.

13. Support pillar

He gives you his full support when it comes to life decisions. He will let you fly high and will expect the same from you. He is strong, independent and very much in love with you.

14. Not the popular guy

He might not be the most popular guy in the party but he will always be the one to carry you home. He is there for you no matter what and doesn’t need other people’s approval or attention.

15. He’s learned

His opinions are well-rounded and he doesn’t say exaggerated things. He gives his true and candid opinion on any subject. He doesn’t have any false airs about him to make him look cool and smart.

16. Choosing battles

He is a smart man and knows when to have an argument and when to avoid it.

17. Dreams

He’s also career focused and dreams big. He would want you to be supportive and accepting of his dreams.

18. Listening-talking

He is a great listener but he also wants you to hear his troubles at times. It is a two-way street and demands respect and attention on both sides.

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