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26 Things You Need To Let Go Of Before You Turn 30


26 Things You Need To Let Go Of Before You Turn 30

Every year has it’s own beauty, but as time goes by we must let go of some things that doesn’t bring about our personal growth. Wisdom comes with age and hopefully I’ve made the “wisest” choices as I enter the thirties..

Even if you make mistakes, even some really ‘twisted’ mistakes, there’s always a lesson to be learned from them.

Making severe accident while I was drunk made me the success I am today… not that I had to make an accident to become “successful” but that was my last warning that I had to change 180 degrees if I wanted to make something out of myself, instead of just being the ‘jerk’ in town.

Through the years you’re going to make mistakes, and have wrong opinion of things, but as you age the thinking process and the outcome from your thinking process will be completely different when you’re 17 and 30.

I feel obliged to share some revelations I had; small and big things you need to let go of once you turn 30:

1. Hating babies. You’re going to be surrounded by married mum friends and honestly, it would be pretty rude if you forgot their kids’ birthdays. Trust me, they aren’t all that bad.

2. Quit bagels. Remember that sandwich bread is far from the only source of white bread in your diet: baguettes, bagels, and pizza all count, too. After eating refined carbohydrates like white bread, the surplus of sugar in your bloodstream tends to be stored as fat in the body. New research shows a link between the consumption of refined carbs and depression in post-menopausal women.

3. Going on impromptu vacations. Once you turn 30, you are supposed to be managing money like a pro. The age comes with weddings to go to and going to weddings comes with expenses, starting from flights to clothes. You’ll have fun, too. Don’t lose sleep!

4. Birthday months and weeks are kinda done. Birthday is all you get.

5. Forever 21 lied to you. Nothing is forever. Change your brand.

6. Being stubborn. As you age people won’t be around you if you’re still the jerk you were 10 years ago. They appreciate their time. Make it worth a coffee for both of you, be compliant.

7. Messy room and living place. No one likes to live like a bump in their own place. Yes, I know that you know many people that still do, but if you want to get a good wife/husband, you better start making that bed!

8. Irresponsible partying. Hangovers are real and you don’t get to nurse them the next day, so just hold your horses..

9. Your boy band days are over. Don’t be weird.

10. For the love of God, stop wearing the multicoloured sandals. They were cool when you were 16.

11. There is one word for hair accessories – no.

12. Career wise, your “exploring options” time is ticking away. Do the math and get down to it, without any second thoughts and complete dedication. Make another “career” plans as you earn for living.

13. I know they say that it’s never too late to learn something, but law school isn’t happening. Let it go.

14. Throw that old bathing suit out and invest in a new one.

15. Getting drunk in the day does not qualify as a hobby. Get a real one, I promise it’ll be worth it.

16. Make a routine and follow it. Quit going to the movies for the midnight screenings, you have work the next morning.

17. One color combinations. They called me “the doctor” on prom night. I was all in white, and yes, it is shameful when I think of it.

18. TV. You already know it’s dumbing you down. Start reading.

19. Get over the exes. It’s silly to hold on to the negativity.

20. Your mom is always right and you know it. Don’t fight with her.

21. If you make plans, stick to them. Don’t flake out on commitments you make.

22. Not exercising. When you exercise, your body releases chemicals called endorphins. These endorphins interact with the receptors in your brain that reduce your perception of pain. Endorphins also trigger a positive feeling in the body, similar to that of morphine. They call them the-feel-good chemicals.

23. Themed parties. This sounds rough, but the toga is trashy.

24. Watching the news. You are a 30 year old donkey, you already know the news are ALL lies that makes you fear. Because fear is easy to control. The equation goes:

Watching The News + Believing x Fear = Sheeple

25. Stop the damn Facebook albums. High school ended years ago.

26. Starting a conversation with a guy/girl without checking for a wedding ring. You know what you don’t want.

27. Showering sporadically. It’s gross and you are a grown up. Wash yourself.

I am sure it’s funny when you read this when you’re 30+ because then you have another perception of things and additional wisdom.

Feel free to share some of yours in the comment section!

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