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7 Things Men Secretly Pay Attention to in Women


7 Things Men Secretly Pay Attention to in Women

This one is for all the ladies out there! If you think men aren’t keen observers, rest assured, they notice way more than you think they do. It’s the things even you wouldn’t pay attention to.

Here’s why we have enlisted 7 things that men secretly notice in you. So, if you want to get his attention and want him to stay hooked, take more care of these things. As for men, see if you are one of those who makes such observations.

1. Your facial expressions

So, all this long you thought he wasn’t paying attention to your reactions? He most certainly was! Only women did not evolve with skills to tell foes from friends but men did too. They know when you are lying to them by a mere glance at your eyes. They know you are disappointed when you compress your lips together. They know when you are over the moon happy! It is how they understand women.

2. The preference for the color of your outfit

It is no secret that colors are symbolic of our mood, emotions and appetite. They also affect these three things. You must have heard how red is the color of love and how black represents elegance, reliability and shyness. Therefore, your choice for the color of your outfit for your date night is subconscious clues to your man about your plans for the night. Do you know what’s more interesting? Your man’s intuition picks up on these signals!

3. Your habit of singing in the shower

Just as absurd as it sounds, men do notice it. It’s because when we shower, we are usually alone, relaxed and at ease. Our brain releases the pleasure hormone dopamine. You are so calm that you feel like singing according to your mood. Your singing helps your partner learn more about you and your mood, enough to gauge the future of the relationship.

Next time you are singing in the shower, know that he is out there listening and taking notes!

4. Your texting language

Since it takes a lot of courage to be able to express how we’re feeling, most of us take help of texting to convey what we feel. Men are quite aware of just how comfortable we can be in expressing our true self through texting. It’s why they pay attention to the sings in your text messages. They notice how often, how and when you text them.

Let’s look at another thought-provoking fact: linguists share an opinion that the use of words tells a lot about person’s character. It says if you like phrases like “I bet, believe me” it is probably that you are lying. Picking up on such clues really helps in understanding another person easier.

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5. Your preference for the drink

You know how wine goes well with seafood. Or how red wine is consumed under stress or that you go for gin and tonic with friends. Your preference for a certain drink says a lot about your mood and it’s why men notice it. It allows them to understand what to order next or how you are feeling. Moreover, they also pay attention to it to see if you are an addict or it is simply something you do for a change of taste.

6. The clothes you wear to make an appeal

Men do not care what brand you are wearing or how expensive your dress is. They only care what style you are wearing and how you are carrying it. Men try to make sense of your elegance, style and sexuality from the way you are dressed. So, if you wear an evening dress with properly done hair, he will know you are interested.

You need to be confident. Wearing a beautiful dress doesn’t guarantee he will be impressed. Being yourself and being confident in it will surely sweep him off his feet if you already look drop-dead gorgeous!

7. Whether you are a meat-eater or not

How many times have you ordered a salad on a date? Quite frequently, no? Well, most of us do. Why? It’s because some of us want to represent ourselves as healthy and fit while some of us do not want to look greedy or someone who eats a lot. Whatever the reason may be, when you order a salad, you seem shy and self-conscious to him. It ruins the attraction. However, when you order whatever you would like to eat, it gives him the impression that you are confident and relaxed. You impress him by ordering what you feel like eating, not what you think will excite him.

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