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7 Unusual Signs You Are Transforming Into The Person You Are Meant To Be


7 Unusual Signs You Are Transforming Into The Person You Are Meant To Be

How often have you caught yourself being told “Hey? You’ve changed so much. What happened?

You are not the same person you were a year back. You aren’t going to be the same a year later either.


A famous quote by Heraclitus says: “The Only Thing That Is Constant Is Change”. Some changes are intentional, whereas some are a result of experiences. Either which way you win or you learn.

Here are the 7 cringing signs which show that you’re transforming into the person you’re meant to be:

1. You Don’t Mind Being Alone

Even though you don’t fancy being lonely, being alone is no more scary to you.

You start realizing that you have fewer people who have the same vibe as you and in spite of being a part of the same game; we all are on different levels. But most importantly, you understand the value of saving and protecting your peace and energy.

You are no longer willing to spend yourself on people who don’t bring enough to the table. You are en route to becoming your soul mate.

2. You’re Not Perfect, But Still Worth It 

You are comfortable in your own skin. You start accepting your faults without having to fight your defensive mechanism.

Criticisms at this stage of your life only help you become better. You are no longer the person who gets offended when corrected.

You stop being angry at yourself for not being able to do certain things and instead choose to better yourself at things that have your interest and are passionate about.

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3. You Can Easily Let Go of Unnecessary Relationships

Since you are so honest and true to yourself at this point, you know exactly what you want in or from a person.

You know your worth and you aren’t willing to settle down for anything less.

You don’t have space for people and relationships that disrupt your mental peace and don’t help you in becoming a better version of yourself. In short, you’ve learned that some goodbyes are really for your own good.

4. You Don’t Trust As Easily As You Used To

You are no longer an open book. Not everyone can read you as and when they want to.

You keep your crowd small and the application forms for gaining your trust are rarely available.

You take your own time to understand a person and whether or not they are worthy of your trust. And if a person hangs around in spite of the long wait, you know you can rest your crown in front of them.

5. You Often Find Your Life Boring

Most of your time is invested in yourself. You don’t believe in meaningless conversations or random hangouts with people who mean nothing to you.

Your idea of a perfect weekend involves either you staying in bed with a book and coffee or a perfect 19 hours Harry Potter marathon with an occasional flow of emotions and fan theories.

Oh! Once in a while, you hang out with your handful of people too.

6. You Know What Sadness Really Is

On some days you won’t be at your best. And probably because of your strong and picky mentality you won’t vent out.

On days like these, you’re going to be your own Savior and hold your own hand.

We’re all humans at the end of the day, and in spite of placing everything in order, something will fall out. It’s a part of life and you totally accept it.

7. You Value Time A Lot More

“Is it actually important?” “Will I learn something new from this situation or person?” “Is this really worth my reaction and attention?”

You cross question yourself multiple times before you invest yourself and your time on someone or something. You treasure your time and have a very clear picture of what you want in life.

Anything unimportant doesn’t attract you because you are dedicated to your goal.

After reading all of these, you might realize that you could connect to a few points, if not all of them. But what you really need to know is that kingdoms aren’t built in a day.

Value your journey and even if not today, sometime in the future you will get everything you deserve.

Keep going! We all are.

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