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7 Secrets Of Simple Living We’ve Been Taught To Forget


7 Secrets Of Simple Living We’ve Been Taught To Forget

We all seem to be in a mad rush. To earn more. To spend more. To have more.

Ever stopped to think what would happen if you didn’t have the latest gadgets or the fastest cars? Would things be a lot worse for you?

I think we all know the answer, and that answer is – not really.

And yet consumerism culture would have us believe that we need all of these to validate our existence.

There is also a mounting pressure to be a jack of all trades.

You have to change your personality multiple times a day to fit the need of the hour. Your persona at work is different than that when you talk to your followers on your blog.

We have added so many layers to everything we do that life is a big, complex web of mumbo jumbo.

Ever thought of moving beyond all this? To get back to the basics?

Here are 7 simple steps how:

1. Outer pursuits have made us all but forget that our life has a purpose deeper than the next paycheck. All we need to do is look inside us and find that purpose. It will help us streamline our life and habits into those which support this purpose. And we will not be trying to do anything and everything that the world tells us to do. Knowing your purpose in life is a very empowering feeling, which can also help you look beyond the calls of the consumerist world.

2. Half the complexities in life occur because we are madly chasing after whatever our favorite celebrities are advertising. We think we need whatever latest fad in fashion, technology or lifestyles is doing the rounds. But the truth is, we just want to live like people on the billboards. In reality, our needs are much more simpler and comparatively easy to achieve. We just need to know the difference.

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3. We all believe that we can never have enough of everything. And so we keep working long hours to get more and more of the same stuff. In the process we also end up gaining more stress, more pressure and so on. So learn to be content with however much you have. It might seem difficult at first but soon you will realize that you actually prefer it.

4. Your elders must have taught you to think twice before you take any action, but like with anything else, too much thinking too can be harmful. This is because you start second-guessing yourself, get in over your head too much, and end up wasting significant time and energy and yet with no concrete result to show for it. It also blocks out your inner voice and your gut feeling which can help you in almost any situation. Learn to rely more on your intuition and you will have a happier and simpler life.

5. So many of us are plagued by this that we don’t even think of it as a problem. Earlier, people used to worry about approval from their superiors. Now, thanks to social media, we have given literal strangers the power to dictate how we feel about ourselves. Life would be much more simpler if every action you make didn’t have to be test driven for validation from people.

6. How many people have put their dreams on the back burner while they first earn enough to support these dreams? And how often has this approach worked out? Majority of people get side tracked and in due time completely give up on their dreams. Don’t set your dreams for a far future. Keep them close and keep working on them even as you try to pay your bills.

7. Follow this, not just for your physical surroundings, but also for the insides of your mind. Regularly take out the trash that popular media feeds you, vacuum the unnecessary information you pick up during the day so that you have the space for deeper thoughts. Meditation, art and yoga are a few practices which can help you achieve that.

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