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7 Reasons Why She Will Choose Another Man Over You


7 Reasons Why She Will Choose Another Man Over You

Congratulate yourself if you’re the lucky man to have found a girl who you’re absolutely compatible with. No, it isn’t a difficult task to find a girl for yourself but to be able to maintain the relationship with her is certainly a challenge that you’ll have to work your way through.

If your relationship is going in the right direction, if it’s increasingly growing happy and content, and if it’s giving you a sense of permanence and security that you’ve never felt before, then be glad. But also be a bit cautious because she may just get up and walk out of the relationship without giving you any explanation.

Didn’t you see it arrive your way? Were there no signs of it really? Think again!

One needs to understand that, even if the relationship appears to be perfectly fine from the outside, it may have been withering from the inside. That is, even if it seemed to be a potentially promising relationship, maybe your partner didn’t feel likewise. Perhaps there wasn’t any tangential problem that you saw, perhaps that is because you were the problem that you couldn’t see until she walked out on you.

It’s not as if she realized it one day and decided to pack her bags. She was indicating at it for a while but you could not receive the signs accurately and hence the surprise exit.

The truth is that most women try to adjust with the trying times in a relationship, until a point comes when she can’t anymore. There’s no singular reason why women do this, even though there are a few common reasons why any woman after a point cannot take certain everyday behavior of men.

They put up with it for a while, signal at it in the hope of witnessing some change and finally give up on them.

So, if you’re the kind of man who hates surprises and especially the ones where you’re left stranded, you should take a look at this list of common behaviors of men that irks most women:

1. Your mood is mostly sullen or irritable

You are someone who’s not joyous on most occasions. If you keep throwing negative vibes at everyone around you and everywhere you go, then you won’t have any company for long. Let alone her.

2. You lie too often

Stop lying about your life if you want her to be a part of it. No relationship has even been able to sustain itself on lies. And if you’re someone who lies about every little thing in your life, then you can’t expect her to trust you with anything. Naturally, she wouldn’t want to be a part of the relationship too.

3. You don’t let changes enter your life

You’ve let your relationship take its usual course day after day. You need to add a bit of spice to make it more interesting. Let it not be predictable and mundane. Try something new every now and then.

4. You’re never listening to what she says

Isn’t it frustrating when you’re trying to say something to your partner and the person is just absent-mindedly nodding at you? Don’t you like a more active participation in what’s being said to you? Of course, she expects the same from you. All that it requires is your genuine presence that makes her feel that she can open up to you. So listen to her and let your presence be felt by her.

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5. You judge her every act

You’re so generous with your criticism of her that she doesn’t want to be around you anymore. So instead of pulling her apart by throwing judgments at her, maybe you should strengthen her by praising her and, more importantly, accepting her for who she is.

6. You keep your emotions under wraps

If you keep your emotions so protected and don’t let her take a look at it, then she’ll start feeling rejected. Let your partner see the vulnerable side to you so that she feels like you’re opening up to her and letting her be a part of your life.

7. You don’t have time for her

Even if you’re not doing anything special for her, just being there for her is enough to keep it going. Give her a part of your precious time before she takes the exit door to spend her time with someone who cares for it.

These signs must have brought back some old memories. Work on your faults and tread carefully from the next time.

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