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If Your Partner Does These 9 Things, Leave Him (Even If You Truly Love Him)


If Your Partner Does These 9 Things, Leave Him (Even If You Truly Love Him)

When you are not happy in your relationship, no matter how much you love that person, sometimes it is necessary to make that difficult decision and leave them. What is the point of being with someone with whom you can only create negativity? Yes, you might have had amazing experiences together but gradually if you realize that they are not bringing you any peace or happiness, then breaking up is the next best thing to do.

If you are wondering whether to leave or stay with your partner, here is a list of 9 signs which tell us when it’s time to say goodbye.

1. No talks about the future

They might say that they love you more than anything else in the world, but when you start talking about future plans they simply avoid it. A person who actually sees a future with you will somehow let you know about it in some way or the other. Those who don’t will act aloof and distant, or might say something like “let’s enjoy the present”.

2. They have become irresponsible

You are not each other’s babysitters. You are partners who have equal responsibilities towards each other. So if one of them starts behaving in an irresponsible manner then it is time to have that talk with them.

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3. Abuse

Now this is something that you should consider seriously. If it does not ring those alarm bells in your mind then you probably aren’t aware that you are being abused. If your partner engages in any kind of emotional, physical or verbal abuse then you should immediately break things off. You cannot change them. For your own well-being you should consider moving on.

4. Violence

Violence is not in any way a form of love. If they have a tendency towards violence then you should suggest to them that they might need serious professional help.

5. Your consent is crucial

Letting them decide for you at times is okay. But if they start doing it all the time then that is problematic. Your partner should not control you and your wishes. Your partner should ask for your consent in matters concerning the two of you. Don’t take this lightly because that is when we start to lose our individuality and let the other person dominate us.

6. They cheat on you

Everyone deals with cheating differently. Some take their partners back and others don’t. It is better to wait for some time before taking your partner back, if you plan to do so, because if it is not solved properly then it will come back to haunt you much more severely. Forgiveness is divine, but forgetfulness is plain stupid.

7. Can’t remember the happy things

If you think of them and can only relate to the painful memories then it is time to break up. It means that there is constant disappointment, hurt and pain in your relationship for quite some time. Do not strive for pain and try to mend things over and over again.

8. No more compromising

If you find yourself doing all the work and your partner refuses to compromise even a little bit, then the relationship is going towards an end. Not compromising means that they have stopped caring for your wants and only care about theirs. They have stopped putting the effort required to keep a relationship.

9. Not socializing with the peers

The seriousness of a relationship can be judged by the willingness of people to introduce their partners to their friends and family. If they are shy or deny introducing you to their friends then there is certainly something wrong. Try to ask them for the reasons and if you are not convinced then you should probably find someone else.

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