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6 Signs A ‘Nice’ Person Secretly Has Negative Intentions


6 Signs A ‘Nice’ Person Secretly Has Negative Intentions

“One may smile, and smile, and be a villain” – William Shakespeare

Have you ever met someone who seemed really nice and likeable at first sight? They inspired confidence and genuine friendly feelings in you that may rise in a friendship. But soon you realized that there is something fishy about them. The niceness that they seem to project is just a disguise to hide their true intentions from the world. You saw that their real personality was not at all similar to what you saw earlier.

There are people who seem very nice at first but in reality they could be deceitful. They are Janus-faced individuals who hide their negative intentions from people. It takes time to determine their true nature and once you see that, you may want to leave for good.

Here are a 6 signs which could help you in recognizing seemingly “nice” people with bad intentions:

1. They are very demanding

A person who seems nice but in reality is a manipulator tends to make a lot demands. He believes himself to be superior to others and would like to dominate people. Such a person likes to use other people to fulfill his own agenda. You can refuse to submit to their wishes by holding your ground. Try not to get sucked into their negativity.

2. They arouse negative feelings

After talking to someone who is genuinely nice you should feel positive. If you end up feeling negative and emotionally drained then that person is certainly just pretending to be nice. Your intuition will warn you against such people and if you do feel discomfort after spending time with them, then you should avoid them.

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3. Eye contact and body language

People who are good manipulators know how and when to maintain eye contact. They will try to scare you by forced eye contacts that are suspiciously long and make you uncomfortable. You might be able to see through their façade. Reading the body language could also help you… touching a body part above the shoulder line is a sign of manipulators.

4. They can be highly persuasive

For them, persuasion is a game and they play to win regardless of the consequences. As we already know, they are good at manipulating. So they try to use the excuse of “peer pressure” to make you do something that you don’t want to do. Their charm and smooth-talking could captivate you in their spell. Be very attentive whenever they speak and do not give them a chance to fool you.

5. Insulting humor

They use humor as a means to insult people. If they say something mean or offensive, they will cover it up by saying “just kidding”. They will try to put you down in front of others by constantly making fun of you. Doing so fulfills them with a sense of superiority. It gives them the feeling of being in control.

6. It’s all about them

Whenever you are in conversation with such people, you will notice that it is always about them. All the topics and discussions seem to end for them and only them. They behave like some attention seeking teenage drama queen. They manipulate the course of the conversation very well and you will find it difficult to pitch in a single word.

Do you know anyone like that?

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