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Your Life Will Change 180° If You Let Go Of These 20 Mental Barriers


Your Life Will Change 180° If You Let Go Of These 20 Mental Barriers

One of the biggest lessons to be learnt in life is to travel light in our journey of life and enjoy good peace of mind. Our mental health dictates every action and reaction. Useless ideas, things clattering around us drag us down and we get into unnecessary hot balloon situation which is big mental barrier creating negative vibes.

We clinge too much on things that weight us down, and the real strength lies in letting go.

We must be brave enough to stop things that weight us down. We may have wings, but we will never soar like eagles if we keep the strings attached to the ground. And believe it or not, you are just a ‘click’ away from it… by choosing what you really need to focus on. Just stop for a minute, and if you haven’t started already, start meditatingYou will never truly see what weighs you down unless you truly see the, pardon my word, retarded things that go in your head. We keep thinking many useless things, and I am afraid we do it a lot more than we need to.

By meditating in a peaceful place, you will focus on your thoughts, and it is only then that you realize you are burdened with useless thoughts, and you keep doing it constantly, through the ENTIRE day.

Here are 20 mental barriers that one needs to let go of:

 1. Let go of attachments: Attachment is one of the roots of all suffering. Let us not take pride in our possessions which are of temporary nature. One has to be grateful to the ‘higher power’ bestowing on us with these possessions rather than taking pride and feel too much attached to them. This should be the priority number one on the list of things to be let go of.

2. Let go of guilt: Feeling deep sense of guilt in our mind will distract positivity. Needs to shun instantly. What could guilt possibly solve? If you name a thing I will agree with you and pull back my words… yeah, that’s what I thought.

3. Let go of self criticism: A constant fear of self-criticism turns one to a situation of disempowerment. Those who are deficient in self esteem are likely to be carried away by any self- criticism and return to self pity mood and suffer mental agony. Remaining inactive is the instant solution for those who suffer from the risks of self criticism.

4. Let go of prejudices: A prejudiced mind is another serious mental barrier that promotes ill feelings, resentment, turns risky and becomes a serious road block for a good relationship. Need to be shaken off to promote good relationship.

5. Let go of Negative thinking: Negativity creates a dark aura that does not permit optimism to seep in. Such persons always have a jaundiced view of things, causing all sorts of problems.

6. Let go of compulsive thinking: Let us learn to avoid compulsive thinking and concentrate on the utility, efficacy and usefulness of it for long term relationships.

7. Seeking other’s approval: It kills your initiative and drive and makes you look small in the eyes of others. A state of inferiority complex sets in.

8. Let go of grudges: Keeping grudges is not only a bad habit; it is bad for one health and well being. Research indicates the close relationship with heart and mind, and it can cause serious health problems.

9. Let go of limiting beliefs: Some beliefs are self created and self imposed. One has to retrospect them to arrive at their utility. Just grasp the idea that everything you can imagine is real.

10. Let go of postponing things for tomorrow: Postponing things that need to be done today, rather than tomorrow is a laid back approach. Time and tide do not wait for any one. Doing it today rather than doing it next day is a wise dictum.

11. Let go of anxious thoughts: These thoughts are borne out of inbuilt fears and anxiety. Distract one goal and determination.

12. Let go of heart break: As our heart locks our mind, heart breaks do create a mental vacuum. We need to forget such incidents and move forward for a new inning.

13. Let go of bad memories: It is better to forget bad memories and keeping them at bay. Learn from them, don’t keep them locked in you. They can create an enormous damage in every sphere.

14. Let go of useless things: One must master the art of discarding useless things, including people. Art of Discarding, book by a Japanese author speaks about the importance of letting useless things go. The wording ‘useless’ explains it all.

15. Let go of bad company: “A man is known by the company he keeps” is a wise saying. As a rotten fruit spoil the rest in the basket, keeping bad company does the same. It takes away the sheen in the quality of friendship. We should appreciate various shades of friendship and choose shades judiciously. Throw all the negative people away, no matter how hard it is…

16. Let go of past: Let us learn to forget the bad experiences of the past and learn lessons from past mistakes and misadventures.

17. Let go of identifying with role: Identifying ourselves with a particular role limits our scope of work and we miss our identity. We will eventually become a typecast character. It is better to come out of this rut as quickly as possible.

18. Let go of taking things personally: Taking things personally to ones’ heart is a bad personality trait. It is counterproductive to one positive behavior and well being. It kills all the initiatives and drives.

19. Let go of the ticking clock: this can accumulate the biggest stress as it makes us slaves of the time we have. This devours one genuine freedom. Respect the time but not the ticking clock.

20. Let go of counterproductive habits: Those habits that distract or obstruct your productivity have to be let go of.

These are some of the most important factors that act as our mental barriers. Have a mental free barrier to reboot your life. It is a mental discipline to be cultivated and not a rocket science. The world will salute to those who learn to shake off these imaginary and reckless barriers faster than others.

If one is able to do so, he is expected to attain ultimate peace and reboot his life.

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