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6 Phrases You Will Keep Using With Your Soulmate if You’re Truly in Love


6 Phrases You Will Keep Using With Your Soulmate if You’re Truly in Love

Words are, in my not-so-humble opinion, our most inexhaustible source of magic. Capable of both inflicting injury, and remedying it.” – Said Albus Percival Wolfric Brian Dumbledore.

Love is magic and it too, to a large extent, is in the words we speak to our beloved. Love is made by words, strengthened by them, and also destroyed by them.

Your love is channelized in the purest of ways in the things you say to your partner. They make them feel protected and warm and reassured, that in a world that gives them crap every single day, someone is waiting for them back home.

Here, we have tried to collate a list of six sentences/phrases that translate to “I love you in every way God has deemed possible”.

So, read on.

1. “Something clicked into place now that we’re together”

This is honestly what you feel/they feel. You being together feels like completion, the home at the end of the journey, the fireplace you can warm your bones by. It just feels right, put simply. It feels so right, that a cynic like you trusts the Universe and humanity a little, thanks to it. Being with them is effortless and never challenging.

2. “Let’s find a way out of this”

It’s never an irresolvable conflict when it comes to you two. You always manage to find a middle ground, an end to the argument, even before the bickering starts. Your relationship does not deserve unnecessary drama and both of you know it. You make sure the drama is swept away before it gets bitter. You can never stay mad at each other and always find a solution to the problem because both of you are mature enough and willing to work it out, every time.

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3. “What can I do to help?”

You are always there for each other. Be it in the smallest of ways, like shopping for grocery or in the most profound of ways, like helping them make a good career choice. If one of you is anxious, even for the smallest of reasons, it is unbearable to the other. You make sure to reassure each other and try to comfort them in their times of need. When people are deeply and truly in love, they love to help their partner every time. Opening your ears to listen to their problem is the same as opening your heart to them.

4. “I can tell you anything”

Because you two are one soul in two bodies. Your bond is more profound that the meagre flesh you inhabit: it is eternal. You can tell each other anything that is bugging you/troubling you. This is because you know, that solace is certain from such a conversational exchange.

Joy is multiplied and sorrow lessened by sharing: this is idiomatically true for you two. Simply because of your bond.

5. “It is always something new with you”

The novelty or the so-called honeymoon period is never dead when it comes to you two. This is because you two don’t let it get over. You keep the magic alive in the smallest of ways. For example, asking each other out after years of being together. If that doesn’t bring a smile to your face, nothing will. Or cooking their favorite breakfast, and getting it to them when they wake up late. Or intimate gestures like running your hands through their hair until they fall asleep. There are surprises in every day for you two.

6. “I like learning things about you” & “I really like you”

That’s about it. They like you enough to ask you your deepest fears, anxieties and secrets. And believe me, they will never use those to harm you. Instead, they will make sure you outgrow them and bloom into a better person each day. They will take the hurt, pain and fatigue away. They love to learn everything there is about you and they show interest in you.

The fact that you are together is not simply two people meeting. Think of it as the Universe redeeming itself after making you go through a hell load until they arrived.

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