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6 Amazing Things Will Start To Happen Once You Meet Your Soulmate


6 Amazing Things Will Start To Happen Once You Meet Your Soulmate

Plato in his Symposium tells his readers an anecdote. Man was created with four limbs and two heads; two halves, one male and one female. Man, being as foolish as he is, incurred the wrath of Zeus, who with a furious display of power, divided the two halves and sent each a-wandering.

The blessing in this story being, man searches for his half in the journey called life. And this perfect mate, this soulmate completes him. Overused and worn out as the word is, is kind of true too; some people are just tailor made for each other sometimes. And when you find your just-the-one, one thing’s for certain: they will turn your life around.

Here are six changes they will bring in your life:

1. The past truly lives up to its name now

The past, with all its added emotional garbage, is now just a series of stories you remember and smile. You smile because you are grateful that those things can’t touch you now. Your soulmate will sweep away all the pain and hurt, and bring the dawn in your life. You will wake up with good thoughts and sleep with a smile of contentment. Life will feel complete and you will live each day for each day’s worth.

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2. The way you look at life changes

Call it rose-tinted glasses and you will be wrong. Your soulmate is like the missing piece to your jigsaw of life; the one answer to all your queries. You’ll find yourself in imaginary situations where you imagine what they would do if they were in your shoes. And more than often you will find yourself doing just what they would. They make you lucid and clear about life, because you hold no grudges against it anymore.

3. People will notice the change

The change from a husk of a person to an individual living life to the fullest with the broadest smile on his face is bound to get the people talking. Let’s get serious, no one likes a party pooper or the loner who drinks in a corner and ends up crying. When people see how much you have changed, expect more invitations and more greetings on a daily basis. What better way to be properly rehabilitated into civil company. Besides, when they hear how your partner has caused this change, they will adore them too.

4. Your bonds with people who matter grow stronger

When they see the radiance, people who will ensure your success will automatically get attracted to you. When you emit energetic and positive vibes, everyone will want your proximity. You too will enjoy the spotlight. Besides, happiness makes existing bonds stronger; you will see yourself growing closer to your family and finding time for friends you haven’t seen in ages. They too will revel in this. After all, the more joy you give, the more it’s augmented.

5. You understand things on a deeper level

Things that would otherwise skip your notice, don’t now. Like the chirp of a bird, to squirrels, to cloudless sky, the smallest of things will inspire you more and more. You will become more and more creative and rational. It is a misconception that love makes you blind; if anything, it makes you see clearer.

6. You will be happier

Man’s life is a never ending pursuit of happiness. It never ends either. Striving for higher heights and greener pastures is being human. Finding your soulmate will bring your life the closest it will ever be to paradise. So it’s not strange that Indian saint-poets found close correlations between divinity and romantic love.

We hope you do indeed find your soulmate. Never give up on this particular journey.

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