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7 Superpowers Of Sensitive People


7 Superpowers Of Sensitive People

Empaths make up about 15-20% of the population. Someone in our close friend circle or family could be an empath. They have high sensitivity to others’ emotions and feelings. They might see this as a blessing or a curse. Very often these people get ridiculed by the society for being overly emotional, but they are the people that the world definitely needs more of. Sensitive people are the ones who can heal and change the world for the better.

Here are their 7 superpowers:

1. Reading other people’s emotions

Sensitive people are able to pick up the emotional energy of other people quite easily. They will assess your aura and body language and will know how you are feeling without you telling them anything. Their intuitive abilities are very helpful in building their empathetic nature. It provides them insight which is combined with genuine compassion. There is no point in trying to hide your emotions from them, so unburden yourself and listen to what they have to say.

2. Understanding multiple perspectives

Sensitive people try to understand the situation from all perspectives. They do not give you any easy method to solve the situation. They are all about understanding what and how things can be solved, without any friction between people. They have seen and suffered struggle, anxiety and depression very closely, so they do not believe in hushing up any matter. They would like to discuss everything before making a decision or giving you any advice. That is why so many people are drawn to them.

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3. They have a good social circle

By good social circle I do not mean a big social circle. Since their ability to love and show compassion is so high, they develop loyal, faithful and loving friendships and relationships. They do not believe in making friends just for the sake of it. They would like to invest their energy in people who they think rightly deserve it. Many times, unwanted people get attracted to their warmth and affection, which could prove to be harmful for them.

4. Highly self-aware

Sensitive people have a heightened sense of self awareness. They have seen people at their best and their worst. They know what kind of evils exists in the society and how negative people can drain all your energy. They need time to rejuvenate their energies because the world is a place that exhausts the best of the people. This self-awareness makes them more understanding and accepting of others.

5. Good leadership qualities

If you think a sensitive person cannot make a good leader then you are wrong. Their wonderful listening skills, introspective, contemplative nature and ability to relate to people deeply makes them potentially strong leaders. They do not hurry while making a decision. They are respectful towards others, allowing them to voice their opinions freely.

6. They are natural givers

They do not want anything in return which makes them true and genuine givers. They feel love very deeply and would make excellent partners. They also give to their family and friends and all those around them because they do not limit their good nature to a few people. They are kind without the expectation of receiving kindness in return.

7. Creative and artistic

They are really creative people and they can create beautiful art in the form of music, paintings, poetry, stories etc. Their inner ability to see the world in a different light enables them to create the art they want. Highly sensitive people can bring new modes of thinking in the world. They could revolutionize the existing patterns and can create new ones.

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