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7 Reasons Why Men Find It Hard to put up with Honest Women


7 Reasons Why Men Find It Hard to put up with Honest Women

The dating scenario, like most of the other aspects of our lives in this era of social media, is quite shallow. Ostensible appearances foreclose many interesting match-ups.

The lack of privacy, thanks to things like Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram and WhatsApp and the subsequent immunity we have developed to it, has rendered us silent to polite and gentle conversations. Instead, showiness and loud behavior has become the trend of the day, simply because people have stopped listening.

But of course there are wallflowers who refuse to conform to normative identity requirements. This makes them difficult to interact with and to understand, and not because it is their fault.

Honesty is the virtue that makes one the most visible in a conceited world. And an honest woman is the free-bird that does not identify with the world around her nor does she exist in a way she is “meant to”, by being on the defensive continuously. This makes her quite tricky to be with for the opposite sex. She would normally have the following virtues and qualities:

1. Brutal honesty besides her good intentions

She speaks her mind and does not flatter you because it would make you feel better. After all, feeling better for an hour is never as good as self-improvement. In a dating context after having met dozens of “mistakes”, she will come off as strong and honest, because she is actively weeding things early.

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2. She doesn’t like games or flings

Do not even try suggesting a short term thing. An honest woman would have gone through her fair share of flings to know that they are demeaning things to put oneself through. She will be up only for meaningful relationships. She knows that long-term relationships are the only ones that live up to their name and that is exactly what she wants.

3. Asking many questions

On the first date, expect questions that might seem invasive. She will cut to the chase and ask you the important questions instead of just making meaningless small talk. Men often feel threatened by such behavior. But these questions are for a good reason, trust that. She is not just ANY woman you meet. She is different and expects you to respect that difference.

4. Doesn’t ignore problems or brushes things off

Brushing things off when the situation reaches an awkward phase is not her game. Instead of sweeping it under the carpet, she will make sure the elephant in the room is addressed. She will make sure the situation is resolved or if that’s not possible, the date cuts short, simply because these situations don’t just arise once, but they are a vicious cycle.

5. She is open about her intentions

This includes her plans for her future and if you are the one, your future too. It is her maturity that gives rise to this brutal honesty. It’s better to get the doubts and the complaints out of the bag first. Her plans for her future too would be succinct and clear; she has her path carved out in her head and walks on it diligently.

6. Her past is an open book for you to read

She has nothing to hide from you because she was never at fault. Her past relationships, if you ask about them, will be clearly and honestly revealed to you. She treats her past relationships as lessons and not chains binding her down and breaking her. She has let go of them to such an extent that she can look back and learn from them and in some cases, laugh at them too.

7. She is very independent

She might just be too strong and independent for the average man to be with. She doesn’t stroke anyone’s ego or tolerates her pride being hurt either. A woman like her is an asset to a wise man for she can provide the sincerest of affections and positive criticism where it is required and warranted.

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