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6 Alarming Signs It’s Time To Step Away From Your Toxic Friendship And Find A True Friend

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6 Alarming Signs It’s Time To Step Away From Your Toxic Friendship And Find A True Friend

You must have heard how everyone isn’t a friend. Well, it is quite true! In fact, some of the friends you call such are not even close – friends are there to make you feel better and these friends in question, they would leave a bitter taste in your mouth.

Have you ever talked to someone and felt bad? As if they are trying to put you down? These are the kind of friends we are talking about. No one deserves to be around such negativity. We need to understand who is really our friend and who is merely damaging to our existence.

So, here are 6 signs which would indicate it is time you draw a line between you and your so-called friend.

1. Any and every thing is about this person

Friendship is a two-way street. You talk and you listen. However, with corruptive people, it will be all about them! You would feel unheard and unappreciated because, every time you try talking to them about your problems, they wouldn’t care. They would start rambling about their problems instead. It will feel utterly one-sided and even pointless at times.

2. “At least” is the center of their opinion about your concerns

It is quite understood that when you put the phrase “at least” with anything you say, it reduces its significance. You will feel like your problem isn’t actually a problem and you are just making a big deal about it – which isn’t how a friend is supposed to help you out in times of need.

So, if you tell them how hard your job is, they will reply and say something like “at least you have a steady job” or if you unfortunately underwent a miscarriage, they will point out “at least you can have children”. It is almost as if your problems aren’t worth discussing, when a true friend will sympathize with you and help you feel better.

3. You will see most of them when they are in need of something

You know how they say friends will always be there for you. Well, in case of these friends, they will be only there for you when they need you to be there for them. Surely, we all have our own lives and we can’t be there for each other all the time but at least real friends make an effort. These toxic friends, you will notice their presence in your life only when they need something from you.

4. They will never appreciate anything about you

Criticism can go both ways – it can help you get better or make you feel worse about yourself. There is a way a good friend who cares about you will criticize something which needs alteration. But the baneful friend will always point out a fault in everything you do or say – be it the clothes you wear, stuff you say or things you do.

Someone who really cares about you will criticize out of good intentions and not because of the mere sake of it. Their criticism will reflect care while that of a toxic friend will make you feel unworthy and inferior. You do not belittle people you truly care about or those who you call your friends.

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5. You are overly cautious around them

A friend is someone we turn to whenever we have something to share, even the pettiest of things, whether they be good or bad. When it comes to toxic friends though, you will think twice about sharing anything, considering how their reactions are unpredictable. You can’t trust them with your feelings the same way you do with an honest friend. There is a lack of understanding.

6. You can’t trust them

Trust is the foundation of a lasting friendship. Hence, if you find someone breaking your trust every now and then, it is better you take a step back and find yourself a trustworthy friend. A friend is someone you can entrust with anything – even the darkest of your secrets.

Such friends need to be treated differently so that they understand the fault in their ways. You need to make them realize what true friendship holds. Sincerity with any kind of friend goes a long way – for your internal well-being as well as theirs.

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