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Pay Attention To These 5 Warning Signals In Manipulative Friendship

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Pay Attention To These 5 Warning Signals In Manipulative Friendship

A crumbling friendship on the grounds of manipulation and toxicity is the saddest thing that can happen to a person. Many of us are constantly struggling to come out of a toxic friendship to avoid being hurt. And the worst part is, so many of us have absolutely no clue that we are in a toxic friendship!

Being friends with someone requires a tremendous foundation work of trust, transparency and unconditional love. But if someone utilizes our belief in them to manipulate a result to his advantage, you’re better off without him.

But how do you even realize the potential of a friendship being engulfed by toxicity, you ask? Worry not. We have created a list of 5 accurate signs which prove that you are in a toxic friendship.

1. They induce passive aggression

They will never confront you face to face when things are wrong. They will, however, introduce a third person in the scenario. This middleman will convey to you how your friend “is disappointed” with you for “a few reasons”. This will not only leave you behind with creeping anxiety and self-doubt but also let you think about this friendship all over again.

2. It is never a two-way conversation

Whenever you guys meet, it is never a two-way conversation. You hardly get a chance to express your emotions and feelings when you are out with this person. They don’t let you speak at all but goes on and on with what’s happening in their life. Seriously, aren’t you tired of them already? You go out with someone for a fun night and end up being the recipient of useless gossip and rants and you are okay with it? Don’t be. Step out of your comfort zone and go get better friends! Friends who are as interested in your life as you are expected to be in their’s.

3. They always try to dominate you

They always try to be the powerhouse of a situation. A toxic friend will never let you be the one who makes important decisions. Instead, he takes up the role of the “big man in the house”, directing others what to do and what not to do.

He always invites you over to his apartment but never goes to yours. He likes to call you over and flaunt his lifestyle and materialistic collections. According to him, the world revolves around his actions and you are just a mere part of it.

Never hang out with anybody who thinks of you in this manner. Smile, nod, and go on with whatever you were supposed to do anyway.

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4. They keep asking for your help…

…And they do not help you when you are in need. This is the most obvious point which proves that your friend is definitely not your “friend indeed”. He seeks advantages in being friends with you. He always looks out to secure his position first before even thinking of helping you out when you are in a mess. You do not deserve this at all!

5. They play the victim card and blame you

Whenever you are fed up with that one toxic friend of yours and decide to confront him on the basis of his actions, he plays the victim card. He puts up a particular situation in such a way as if it’s not his fault at all. It’s as if he was the victim of the entire situation and blames it on your actions. The subtlety with which he pulls off this card makes you doubt yourself. You drown in the pool of self-doubt and regret while he gets away with his unjust actions.

In conclusion, if you ever find these 5 traits in any friendship you have had throughout the years, reconsider it. You deserve to be treated like the proper gentleman that you are. Friendship is an important relationship and friends have the power to make and break you.

So, sever all ties with this toxic person, choose your friends wisely and go lead a better life!

Image was originally taken from Ryan Hyde/Flickr

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