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25 Strange Symptoms People Are Experiencing Worldwide

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25 Strange Symptoms People Are Experiencing Worldwide

So, recently, people have been complaining about feeling “strange” or “not-themselves”. They report feeling like “losing their minds”.

Have you felt something similar?

Well, these odd feelings come and go, usually reappearing in correlation with cosmic and solar activity along with people’s readiness to move to the next level. It is happening all around the world – we are experiencing enormous energetic adjustments!

Here’s a list of 25 of those anomalous symptoms you are probably confronting.

1. Disturbed sleeping pattern.

You wake up at strange hours and sometimes, pass out. There is extra need for longer sleeping hours and yearn for more naps.

2. Increased appetite for sugar or chocolates.

Chocolate and sugar cravings are normal but for those beings who do not have as such of a sweet tooth, overwhelming craving for chocolate is alarming.

3. Pressure, pain, swirling and drilling sensations around solar plexus area.

4. Strange eating patterns.

It can mean a lot of different things to different people; for instance, if you are a vegetarian, craving meat is quite bizarre. Similarly, if you are a meat-eater but even the thought of meat turns you off, it is atypical. It also encompasses loss of appetite and being unable to figure out what exactly it is that you want to eat.

5. Increased sensitivity and elevated understanding of the world around you.

You feel everything more. All the senses heighten and you become more aware of everything – recall how the lead actor in the movie “Lucy” experienced more awareness. It is the same but somewhere between 20% and 28%.

6. Being mindful of the waves that technology generates.

Here’s one statement from someone experiencing this symptom: “I normally don’t feel those so clearly, but one night I forgot to turn off my cell phone and when I woke up to do my meditation, although I wasn’t consciously aware of my phone being on, I vividly felt the waves in the room and their interference with my entering meditative state.

7. Pressure, swirling and drilling sensations around the head.

You are likely feeling these sensations around the third eye and on top of the brain underneath the skull. It feels like something is directly hitting the brain. Eventually, you get headaches!

8. Headaches.

The ones we just talked about. But they go away when you stop resisting and meditate on embracing and assimilating the revelations.

9. Technology breakdowns when you are in contact with one.

Calls drop out of the blue, cellphone crashes, lights flicker or internet goes out. Does your cellphone watch shows different date and time than what it actually is? That counts too!

10. Hearing strange sounds.

Have you perceived a similar buzzing “metallic/mechanical” but likable “eerie” sounds? Or a hum which rings a bell of “sounds of the spheres?”

11. Aggravated senses, specially olfactory perception.

One report says: “My sense of smell became so strong during night time hours that all of a sudden with my eyes closed I can smell every object in my room.”

12. Boosted ADD-like symptoms.

When you do not suffer from ADD but experience its symptoms, it is absurd! It may include an inability to focus on one thing and trying to attend to a million different things all at once.

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13. Rapidly passing waves of strongly conflicting and overlapping emotions.

You feel like crying, laughing and be upset all at the same time. To sum up, you cannot pinpoint your emotions.

14. Feeling like you are in a movie, especially during motion.

When you are walking or driving, it feels like you are in some kind of a movie.

15. Your body loses coordination.

For someone who has a really good body balance, tripping over things time and time again is pretty out of the blue!

16. You feel chills suddenly hitting you and you get goosebumps.

17. Interruption of the flow.

Someone reported it as “your inner GPS being confused.” You are unable to focus on what you want to do and don’t know how you will do what you want to do.

18. Amplified synchronicities.

19. Outlandish, unidentified sensations in your body.

You become mindful of the feelings you haven’t felt before, which, understandably, you can’t really translate.

20. Your body heals extraordinarily fast.

If a bruise took a week to heal, it is now taking a day only. The cut you got from cutting vegetables the other day, closed up quite swiftly. Allergies and hives disappear at incredible speed.

21. Instantly recognizable awareness and “symptoms” of shifting timelines.

22. Thoughts are being manifested into reality instantly.

The Universe is listening to every word you are saying, every emotion you are experiencing. It is trying to fulfill what you think – near-instant manifestations. A lot of people are undergoing this warning sign!

23. Loss of sense of time.

You are unable to observe in real life how flexible time is.

24. Strengthened visuals in meditations.

Here’s another testimony: “My meditative practice has become exceptionally rich with visuals, presence and multi-dimensional awareness.

25. Re-evaluation of your individual truth.

You are being confronted with your true self. You are reviewing who you are – what aligns with your reality and what doesn’t. You are realizing your Karmic and emotional agreements, reviewing your relationships and jobs.

So, if you are experiencing any of these symptoms, no need to worry – you are not alone! There are remedies you can practice to calm yourself. The key is to keep calm and embrace the now. Remain positive!

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